Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another False Flag Operation!

Another False Flag Operation!
By Erick San Juan

This is a follow up of what I wrote last January 3 of my initial reaction to the editorial of the International Herald Tribune about the failed bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit, USA by a Manchurian candidate or what others call a “patsy” - Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The reason for this article is our little contribution to the other side of the “truth” because the corporate world media is now circulating a "hyped" version of what could be another pretext to justify the war on terror started by former Pres. Dubya Bush and being continued by the current US President. This writer can’t help but do something to somehow correct such a big lie to justify another fear mongering of a myth just like what the globalists have been doing with the Global Warming saga of lies.

The failed bombing is another "false flag" operation that will justify the Obama administration’s additional US troops in Afghanistan where the terror group Al Qaeda has originated and reportedly created by western intelligence. The fact that Abdulmutallab conveniently drag the Al Qaeda brand name of causing terror on Flight 253, the game is on – again. This time its going to be in Yemen .

Why Yemen ?

For all my radio listeners (daily, 5 to 6 p.m. @ 1350khz DZXQ) who heard my broadcast when I mentioned that the globalists are eyeing the Yemeni oil and this is not a surprise news. The fact that Yemen is already receiving financial and military assistance from the US to fight the mythical Al Qaeda network based in Yemen , this could be translated to the urgent need for the Yemeni oil. Just like in Somalia and now Yemen , the US “expert on terrorism”, Steven Emerson has commented that while Pakistan-Afghanistan border was still “number one” for terrorist activity, the area surrounding the Gulf of Aden , is “fast coming up the ladder.”

And like the Philippines which is highly located in a geostrategic location, Yemen is also situated in that area which is adjacent to Saudi Arabia and has a good access to the Red Sea and Suez Canal . Moreover, Yemen borders the Gulf of Aden where much of the oil tankers leaving the Persian Gulf passes, and now with China’s presence there, much more that the US will use Yemen.

And could this be another sequel to the war on terror to save the west from an imminent downfall? The globalists needed a pretext to survive and they are doing this not only in the Middle East but also in Latin America . Now it is clear why the “corporaterrorists” and their propagandists rode the bandwagon of fear after that failed bombing - to ignite a second wave of the war on terror after 9/11.

That is why we will not get tired of advising our people and those who understands the geopolitical game of the globalists and the movers for a one world government to be vigilant and to help disseminate the much needed information.