Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Overdose of Lies Could Kill

An Overdose of Lies Could Kill

By Erick San Juan

As if humanity is not yet tired of the daily dose of myths and lies being given to us – from the war on terror, global warming to the resurgence of different flu pandemics and the like, which is being done on a global scale by some evil minds from “rich” countries, that the “poor” nations cannot help but swallow. Until now, we are "injected" with false informations particularly on the dangers of the H1N1 influenza, all for the profit of some big pharmaceutical companies. I have written several articles exposing this flu hoax and in early May 2009, in less than a month after its reported outbreak, we warned that some big pharma companies will profit from such “chaos”.

We are not alone in this fight. Thanks to the people whose concern is beyond profit, recognition and power compared to the so called "world agencies" that were supposed to protect humanity from danger and death. And most of all to the internet - the different websites, blogs and other conscientious mainstream media that continuously give the other side of truth to the viewing public. This is the beauty of the internet and media, as I always say. Although this could also be used by irresponsible people whose only motive is to spread fear, like this letter sender, a certain Arsenio Sangalang of Bulacan whose article entitled The Grave Threat (published in Malaya, 2/24/2010) seems to lack the quality of a real research work and I'm sorry to say, ended up with pure fear mongering. Why did I say this? If you really did research on this false pandemic, you will come across with the truth on how this so called swine flu myth was manipulated and made into a monster by a clique of influential people inside the World Health Organization (WHO) and its counterpart representing some leading pharmaceutical companies. Investigations made by known persons in the field of medicine, in different countries, posted on the internet their findings of the fraud surrounding the “flu pandemic”.

An investigation was also made by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, the president of the Council of Europe's Health Commission on how this H1N1 pandemic was really manipulated. According to Dr. Wodarg, – “I had suspicions that the figures were quite weak and the level of alarm was elevated. There weren't even a thousand sick people before there was already talk of the pandemic of the century. The extreme alert decreed was based on the fact that the virus was new. But the characteristic of flu-type illnesses is to develop very fast with viruses that take on new forms each time by moving in on new hosts - animals, people etc. There's nothing new in that. A new "flu" virus of that kind appears every year. In reality, nothing justified sounding the alarm at that level. That was only possible because the WHO changed its definition of pandemic at the beginning of May 2009.”

Simply put, why the alarm level had to be set at pandemic alarm level 6? As long as pandemic declaration 6 continues to be in force, this special crisis committee under the direction of WHO and the UN continue to have extraordinary powers to intervene in the public health services, military and law enforcement. In addition, the declaration of a pandemic level 6 significantly increases the power of WHO over national governments. And, a pandemic level 6 declaration allows pharmaceutical companies to claim immunity.

Crisis committees created in some countries even imposed martial law where a mandatory vaccination is forced among its citizenry. That is why on the hearing at the Council of Europe, WHO announced that H1N1 pandemic emergency level 6 will remain for another two years! Is this because the billions of dollars that the big pharma profited from this faked propaganda is not enough and that they want more? Most of all, were the people who were fooled to take the shots (unfortunately) are not enough to depopulate the world? Remember the claim of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: “A group of people at the WHO is very tightly associated with the pharmaceutical industry.” And that “H1N1 swine flu was never dangerous, and it never should have been escalated to a level-six pandemic in the first place. It was all a big marketing scam whose purpose was to simply sell vaccines.” Need we say more?

To the likes of that letter writer, and those who will follow the line of the worldwide fear mongering of the “swine flu pandemic” you know that an overdose of lies could really kill.

Lastly, Mr. Sangalang, thousands of that vaccine were never used by countries who bought them from the taxpayers’ hard-earned money and that the goal of that Council of Europe investigation is for governments to question contracts they made against the big pharma companies and eventually lead to compensation. (For more updates and info, please search for Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and the Council of Europe's Health Commission or just search : swine flu hoax. My e-mail –

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