Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who Will be the Puppet Master's Pet?

Who Will be the Puppet Master's Pet?
by Erick San Juan

As we neared the much awaited May 10 elections, it is expected that a lot of candidates from the highest to the lowest position are changing colors. From the administration party to the so-called opposition parties (where every party wanted to be an opposition), candidates are trying to be identified with the “best color” in this multi-party system that we adopted for quite some time now. On the other hand, the voting populace is much aware now especially in the metropolis, that they were double crossed by sweet talking politicians for so many times. As survey after survey from different groups, should have been a good reference on whom to vote, added to their confusion. Also, the tri-media meaning the different radio and television networks,newspapers and tabloids are conducting various mode of programs focusing on the candidates personal and public life, discussing their platform of governance became part of the brain washing machines using the principle of Ponerology.

As an observer on the country’s ongoing battle in the political circus, I can say that there is no candidate that could come close to what Venezuelan leader and recently our neighbor, the Japanese did – to take the real pro-Filipino stand. Whether we like it or not, we are perceived as the most dependable ally of the US in this part of the globe. Sadly, some presidentiables still kowtow to this colonial master and even bragged that he is the "chosen one". What could be the effect of being an “amboy” as leaked by these naive candidates can only be seen after the elections.Some of them said, that there is no substantial resources that are being channeled to them. Of course, the powers behind the scene always make sure that whoever rule this country will follow their policy. They always play angel and demon. They don't put their eggs in one basket,. caring only for what is good for them. Setting aside the fact that the Filipinos voted for someone who they thought will protect our national interests.

After all these years, as a loyal ally, what good (if any) do we get from adhering to foreign policies that always leave us at the losing end? Take for example the situation in Mindanao, its quite unusual that the terror myth seems to crop-up when needed. In spite of US forces are in Mindanao for almost a decade now, peace and instability seems to be nowhere in sight. We hope that its peacekeeping and "balikatan" exercises are not part of a pretext to justify covert operations. We can’t help but ask, if the recent MILF mischief in Lanao was part of it? Lest we forget that trust begets trust. The so called Magi-bearing gifts prop is already a burn out script. What Filipinos want is a two-way traffic and be given what is due us – no more, no less. So, if our overstaying “ally” can’t help us (as what they promised), they better get out of our territory because they don’t have any business staying here. This is a firm stand that any Filipino who is running for the highest office in the land must keep in mind. We are tired of being shortchanged and always at the losing end. We are always taken for a ride as they rape and loot our natural resources. In Palawan, former President Ferdinand Marcos had a plan to develop its oil and natural gas for the betterment of the country. What happened then was a disaster. The next administration gave it to a couple of foreign investors (and got their handsome commission) and left us not even a trickle of what is known to be one of the nation’s biggest source of natural gas.

We must all learn from history and always be at the lookout for a possible foreign lapdog that will sell this country and the generations to come. Be vigilant and vote for pro-Filipino leaders that will make this country far better than what we had in the recent past.Again, GOD-gold,oil and deutherium is in RP. Let foreign investors come in. We have to be transparent and have a fair share for the benefit of our people.. NEVER let what Cory Aquino did to Malampaya happen again even if Noynoy Aquino wins. God bless the Philippines!!!

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