Saturday, May 15, 2010

Climate of Fraud and Uncertainty

Climate of Fraud and Uncertainty

By Erick San Juan

Almost a week now that the so called first national automated elections was held and as I write this piece, there are still over 7 million votes that are not transmitted yet. The voters turnout for this year’s election was overwhelming as every voter enthusiastically went to their designated polling precinct to be part of the historic automated election exercises. What happened at the polling place was a nightmare and the enthusiasm quickly evaporated as most voters experienced an automated disenfranchisement due to the clustered precincts. I myself waited for two hours when I found out that my precinct was clustered. Those who were able to make it to the long lines of voters also left after hours of waiting under the terrible hot weather. This is the general picture that hit the news here and abroad sans the perceived scenario concocted by a few megalomaniacs who want to stay in power. Thanks to our AFP and PNP, the self fulfilling prophecy was foiled. With all the imperfections and shortcomings of the Comelec and its partners, the Filipinos just went through the first hurdle of a new six-year administration.

Based on the partial canvass of votes by the Comelec, the president-in-waiting Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III is now showing signs of consistently annoying the GMA administration by saying he would rather take the oath of office (if he will be proclaimed as president by the Congress) before a barangay captain rather than the recently appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Since the campaign season started, a lot of Noynoy’s statements were directed against the existing administration and its policies that according to him is the breeding ground for corruption. Methinks that this incoming president is so obsessed with the eradication of corruption that he might overlooked other important issues. One such critical issue is the never ending chaos and violence in Mindanao by the bandits and secessionists that even the so-called US military troops’ presence (for almost a decade now) could not solve. What about the controversial “peace talks” via the MOA-AD Bangsamoro Juridical Entity – translation: balkanization of Mindanao. What is the stand of the president-in-waiting on this? Will he kowtow to the friendly master as a loyal ally?

Given the fact that he became the cover of the Time magazine a couple of weeks before the elections, will he be the next “doll in the pocket”?

The Filipinos as a sovereign nation must stand guard as we braced ourselves for more hurdles ahead that will put to test our nationalism amidst uncertainties of our incoming leaders. May God grant to our leaders the wisdom and perseverance to rule this nation towards the right path for benefit of every Filipino.

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