Monday, June 28, 2010

P-Noy for Pinoys

P-Noy for Pinoys
By Erick San Juan

There is so much to be expected on the new administration especially on the Philippines’ economic and geopolitical relations with the two powerful nations – US and China. It is quite obvious that their ambassadors were the first ones who gave the premature visits to P-Noy (President Noynoy Aquino) even before the official proclamation. Why?

China views the Yellow Sea, East China Sea, and South China Sea - the so-called "near seas" - as core regions of strategic interest in which the Chinese seek to become the predominant military power. (US and China Can't Calm South China Sea by Peter J. Brown). But of course, the US will not allow such dominance by their rival nation in the most strategic region in the world to materialize. Each country wanted the needed “support” by their “friends” such as the Philippines. We will now play a very important role as Japan did when they had a very tight situation in the relocation of the Okinawa US marine base that led to the resignation of a nationalist leader who used the US base as his campaign issue. Now that Japan has a US-friendly Prime Minister(Kan), could it be possible that our new president will do the same?

The "war" has started between the US and China right here in our backyard and we just can’t stand on the side and watch as they settle their conflicts at sea. The demand to take side between the warring nations is too strong for P-Noy to decide upon as the country’s new leader. But this is one challenge that he must confront with the heart and mind of a true nationalist leader and will not kowtow to a perceived master.

Enough of the stupidity that our leaders did in the past that made us what we are today, for they are embedded in our minds through miseducation that everything which are foreign are great than ours. Methinks that this will be the right moment to inculcate a nationalist ideology that will spare this nation from further destruction like the rape of our natural resources and its balkanization.

As John Mangun’s(Businessmirror,June 22, 2010) question put it – “Where does the Philippines stand in the war? Neutral is not a possibility. It is not a matter of choosing sides; it is a matter of protecting the nation.”

Here, P-Noy will be tested if he will stand for the benefit of all the PINOYS now and the generations to come. And not to put this country in a tight situation and go to another war not of our liking.

“For P-Noy to ensure his most fervent wish, he must address the idiocy — Filipinos not knowing the historical truth — that is pervasive in the land. Like other great national leaders, P-Noy should reform not only the governance but also the mindset and culture of the governed.” (William Esposo, As I Wreck this Chair, Philippine Star June 2010).

God bless the Philippines! Congratulations to the incoming president, Benigno Aquino III. Nobody can really stop destiny.


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