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Cheonan Incident- A Prelude to a New Pearl Harbor?

Cheonan Incident- A Prelude to a New Pearl Harbor?

By Erick San Juan

"Three of the largest submarines of the US Seventh Fleet surfaced in Asia-Pacific ports last week, the South China Morning Post reported Monday [July 5,2010].

The appearance of the USS Michigan in Pusan, South Korea; the USS Ohio in Subic Bay, the Philippines and the USS Florida in the strategic Indian Ocean outpost of US and UK at Diego Garcia was a show of force not seen since the end of the Cold War, the paper said, adding that the position of those three ports looks like a siege of China." (Global Times, July 8, 2010)

I was surprised that this important news did not reach our local papers, if it did, the usual “for humanitarian purposes only” reason can never be acceptable because of the glaring fact as shown from respectable print media that this is a show of force by the US in the Pacific region. And, what could be the acceptable alibi for a US submarine’s presence at the Subic Bay port? Such presence is actually against our constitution given the fact that the submarine is equipped with nuclear armaments. This reality also explains the “friendly visits” of some top US diplomats to our newly elected leaders. It must be taken as a warning to all of us to be cautious in our dealings that might drag us to a war because our “friend” said so. To quip (from South China Morning Post by Asia correspondent Greg Torode, "It is another sign that the US is determined not to just maintain its military dominance in Asia, but to be seen doing so...that is a message for Beijing and for everybody else, whether you are a US ally or a nation sitting on the fence." (From a veteran Asian military attaché with reported close ties to both Chinese and U.S. military officials).

Need I say more? That is why I kept on reminding, together with other patriotic Filipinos, to review the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) – an agreement that is crucial as we enter a very exciting moment in world history.

It was also mentioned in the report that the shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean of US military forces is the new military hub of Washington for this century. That is why the “four Ohio class Tomahawk-armed submarines were operationally deployed away from their home ports for the first time”. (Ibid) The justification for the said move could be the realization of the globalists’ agenda of a possible war using the Cheonan incident that happened over four months ago as a pretext. The fact that China is not one with the globalists in punishing North Korea for the alleged sinking of the South Korean warship – Cheonan. The show of military might by the US is perceived by the Chinese military as actually directed against their nation.

It should be remembered that the growing tensions between the US and China has been building up since January when the US revealed the $6.4- billion arms package for Taiwan. Then in May, China refused the planned visit to Beijing by US Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

I would like to share this quote from Dr. Jaime Sison following “The Art of War”. China has already established a lot of choke points worldwide in preparation for global conflict. US cannot just bully China.

China’s claim in some parts of the Asian waters like the group of islands in the South China Sea has affected the Asean nations who share some of the disputed islands in that area most especially our country. What's very alarming was the response of China. It's defense establishment recently conducted a large naval drill and air exercises using live ammunitions. It is believed that China's exercises were not pre-planned but a response to the 4 day joint military exercises of US and South Korea near the Yellow Sea. China reiterated it's territorial claims in the contentious waters were indesputable. China's defense ministry spokesman Geng Yang Sheng said, "Any territorial disputes should be resolved with relevant countries alone through dialogue and negotiations and not through the United Nations." (Agence France Presse 7/31/10)

We cannot afford to be on the sidelines and watch the unfolding of events that might lead to a global conflict designed by a few heartless people who wanted to rule the world. The arena is right here. The needed pretext is ripe for a justified realization of the globalists’ agenda, as tensions grow in Asian waters.

A deja vu of Pearl Harbor incident is in the offing. The Japanese were provoked to attack and the American soldiers based in Hawaii became the collateral damage that sparked the World War II. The world should never repeat the wrong part of history. God forbid!

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