Monday, January 24, 2011

It’s Propriety, Indeed!

It’s Propriety, Indeed!
By Erick San Juan

"This is the beauty of the internet.", as I always say. Because even when I was out of the country for five days, I just turned my computer on and surf the internet and there I can find all the latest news here and around the world. In seconds, I can chat with my friends worldwide.

While reading some of the most important news, I was overwhelmed with so many relevant issues besetting this nation, particularly the present administration. And then I tell to myself sadly – as if nobody is minding the store. From the most pressing issues to something trivial, the government should address them immediately but with caution. Like the allegedly carnap/slay problem of our national police, I’ve been hearing a lot of negative feedback even though the case was reportedly “virtually solved”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the so many crimes confronting our law enforcers. Methinks, It’s as simple as going back to basic, come up with a credible and realistic policy and implement it to address the relentless street crimes. But who will police the police? Here we need a stronger policy against scalawags in uniform who protect crime lords and those parroting the terrorism myth. This way, we can all sleep soundly knowing that the police are there to serve and protect the citizenry.

And for those who are crying for justice from all sectors of the society, pundits believe that the return of the death penalty is not the answer. Especially if our police can address immediately or be responsive in crime solving. We had the death penalty before and it did not serve its purpose of reducing the daily crime rate.

In the economic and political front, the move towards a constitutional change is in the offing. Most of our legislators are actually eyeing the amendment on the economic provisions. A very vital provision that will affect us now and the generations to come. The present Congress should be very careful as to what kind of economic change they want and what the country needs so as to keep up with the global economic trend. It's quite easy to alter some provisions in our constitution but it always boils down to who will benefit – this country or the big foreign corporats (a.k.a. oligarchs)?

Our former Chief Justice Reynato Puno, in his conferment speech at the UP law recently said that this is the right time to implement such amendments. After all, there are so many problems confronting the already existing laws that need to be amended to correct the flaws in it. We have to address first the problems affecting the stomach of every Filipino.

The VFA (visiting forces agreement) issue should be tackled immediately. We are always with the American side but when can we get what's due us? Why do we have to be contented with second and most of the times, third hand war materials? Are we that dumb and inferior to be short changed just like that? These are just some of the things that needs attention and not those issues that are only beneficial for the grandstanding of some public officials, both elected and appointed.

Lastly, as for our President’s choice of an automobile, just a brotherly unsolicited advice coming from a lover of nice cars too. Its really out of tune this Porsche sports car purchase that you made. The perception is that you are not different from the previous administration who dined and wined lavishly courtesy of a “political friend”. We are talking here of propriety, Mr. President, especially those around you who forgot to give you a sound advice that could affect your credibility, the citizen's trust and confidence. If you want people to be united in support of your administration’s undertakings, be sensitive enough to feel their needs – not just superficially but most of all what affects their values in life.

We will pray for you and for this nation’s survival in this very interesting times.

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