Monday, February 7, 2011

State-Sponsored Terrorists Created Corruption

State-Sponsored Terrorists Created Corruption
By Erick A. San Juan

It was seven years and six months when the Magdalo group occupied Oakwood and aired their grievances against the corruption in the military and in the government. With the events unfolding, one can still hear the words of the Magdalo saying :

“A number of soldiers have died, and even more are going to die in a war that they do not plan to end. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been caught helpless in the crossfire. They do not want the war to end so that it will continue to be a milking cow of greedy and treacherous officials in the AFP and in the government.”

“We have experienced the true situation of our soldiers. We have shared hardships and sacrifices in the face of an armed conflict, but the support we need against the jaws of death have been pocketed by a few leaders looking out only for their selfish interests.”

One year after the Magdalo officers said this, Gen. Carlos Garcia, the AFP comptroller, and other high-ranking officers were found to have diverted to their personal funds money that should have replaced the worn-out boots of soldiers.

It is indeed a vindication for these soldiers who fought long and hard in the field of corruption against an administration then, tainted with so many controversial scandals.

What this present administration must be wary of is this - They do not want the war to end so that it will continue to be a milking cow of greedy and treacherous officials in the AFP and in the government.” If this is the case, it is but logical to ask, who started such war? If it is for the alleged benefit of some few corrupt officials, every administration in the past has tolerated such wrongdoing. Added to that, is the presence of the US troops ever since, may it be against the secessionist, terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, etc. that made the matter worst!

Those who uphold the presence of the US troops in the south via the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) should stop parroting the line that they are helping in the fight against the lawless elements through training and military modernization through “grants” or whatever they want to call it. In effect, with the opening of the Pandora’s box, releasing the hidden hundreds of millions of pesos being pocketed by some corrupt military and government officials, it is now time to seriously consider the fate of this “agreement”.

Uncle Sam’s global war on terror justifies every reason that there is really a threat from the terrorists in our territory and actually benefiting the need for more funds to implement the so called war in the process. Just like in the global context, the superpower wanted this outside enemy in order to justify its preemptive war against sovereign nations. Who wants to kill the goose that lays the golden egg anyway?

This writer will not get tired of reminding people especially those in the Palace that the alleged benefits that we are getting from the VFA are just full of BS and now it’s becoming a war for the convenience and enrichment of the few while the poor soldiers on the ground are the ones suffering. Is it that hard to comprehend? The mortal sins of these few grafters were pocketing the money of the United Nations and the Abu Sayyaf's. This is a no-no to the globalists.

If this administration is sincere for the reason they were put into power, now is the time to make a firm stand or all of us will suffer soon.

The deaths of our best soldiers and a lot of civilians for several years now are enough reasons to put an end to this endless clash that had put a lot of cash into the pockets of the greedy.

I have to remind our leaders on how the globalists operate. They will tolerate greed and corruption but when the day of reckoning comes, they will dump these leaders, dictators or officials like a hot potato like what they did to Marcos,etc. The current ousted leaders in the middle east like Ben Ali of Tunisia and soon Egypt President Hosni Mubarak, an ever loyal ally of the Americans are good example of these crisis by design. Let's watch how the cookie crumbles in North Africa and the Middle East.

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