Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Healing the Nation, Lets Get Our Act Together!

Healing the Nation, Lets Get Our Act Together!
By Erick San Juan

The hope of many Filipinos that the EDSA 1 People Power anniversary celebration by the present administration could be an opportunity but has turned out to be a dividing force again. Instead of setting an example of how a true leader and a statesman should act, the two juniors of the past presidents failed at that and engaged in a word war instead.

Our country just can’t afford to be caught up in the middle of this petty and childish show of disunity in the midst of so many problems here and abroad. Because of the blunders recently committed by several people in the government, so many of our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) had suffered the consequences..

We can’t blame our modern day heroes for the obvious reason that it is becoming a trend. For the past decades, the government is no longer functioning as it should be, it can neither give decent jobs to our citizens. Our OFWs are always at the losing end especially when diplomatic ties between the Philippines and other countries are in jeopardy.

If not for this reason, like what is happening now in the Middle Eastern countries and in North Africa, a lot of our OFWs are caught in the middle of violent unrest. These events should serve as a wake up call to our government officials who seem caught sleeping in their posts. OFWs are complaining for delayed help and assistance in saving them from
possible danger and threat. There seems to be no contingency plan at all. If there is any, how come that there were so many complaints from the families of the OFWs? What's happening now is your word against mine. But who will the people believe?

PNoy’s administration is being put to test again here. The perception is, this government is in the "service" for eight months now biut it still groping for ways to solve such
problems? We are talking of so many lives here in danger. These are the people working hard abroad to earn money to keep our economy afloat. And yet, they are the ones being neglected when they need the government’s assistance. What happened to the OWWA funds?

Instead of engaging in rhetoric and too many praise releases, our country’s leaders should unite the Filipinos and act as one to help in facing the difficulties ahead. We are living in these very exciting times. It is no joke at all as of how events are unfolding right before our eyes.

For whoever is orchestrating these scenarios, the whole world is being drag to regional and global conflicts not of our liking. They already started in the oil-rich regions through regime change. But we haven’t seen nothing yet. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. Whether we like it or not, we have to get our acts together and brace ourselves for a possible confluence of events.

As of this writing, China is still trying to contain the growing clamor towards unrest in what they call "Jasmine Revolution",an oplan or name borrowed from the Tunisian revolt that set off the Middle East turmoil.. Activists, possibly from outside China, have called on the citizenry in China to express their displeasure at the country’s lack of reforms and officials’ corruption. The scenario being instigated was to silently meet in front of department stores or other public areas to make a build up of critical mass for a national resistance that can bring change.

God forbid, if the globalists are orchestrating the same method of destabilization here in our region, Philippines will be caught unprepared. That is why we are asking every Filipino to commit in helping unite this country. Enough of those political bickerings and focus on nonsense issues. We have to move towards a common goal of saving this nation to survive this impending crisis. We have to heal old wounds and move forward to unification. Unless we do these things fast, we will all end up disunited and
face a mutually assured destruction.

We will not stop with our advocacy to unite for the common good as what we always say in our daily radio show (now in our new home DWSS 1494khz AM band @ 4:30 pm).

We must all be vigilant and pray harder that we can overcome
all these. God save our country!

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