Sunday, July 31, 2011

Abu Sayyaf, Here We Go Again by Erick San Juan

Abu Sayyaf, Here We Go Again by Erick San Juan

I was bombarded by several emails and text messages from concerned citizens and bloggers like Ferdie Pasion, Walter Siy, Architect Ben Yu, Victor Yam,etc. Their mails and messages are really fiery and thought provoking. The issue is all about the helplessness of our military being set up and killed by a small group of scalawags in the south.

This week, seven Philippine marines were killed and 21 were wounded in Patikul, Sulu. There were allegedly 300 Abu Sayyafs who ambushed our soldiers. We never learned from our past mistakes. What happened to our intelligence operation on the ground?

Architect Ben Yu said," I still believe that the Abu Sayyaf's are supported by foreign groups especially by the U.S. intel, to justify the extended stay of the 'Balikatan' military exercises....which function is to secure the Exxon-Mobil oil operation in the Sulu Seas.... For Malaysia, that's a waste of money supporting the ASG”.

From activist-nationalist Ferdie Pasion, he's calling the attention of our government and asking the Armed Forces of the Philippines for an all out war against the Abu Sayyaf's. He believes that this is the only answer to banditry and atrocities.

Victor Yam added that the real tragedy of this incident is not the defeat of the Philippine Marines, but the continued existence of the Abu Sayyaf group despite the years of presence of thousands of U.S. military personnels stationed and actually based in Minsupala with their aircraft carriers docked nearby.

I have written so many articles about the Abu Sayyaf Group (please see my blog, www.ericksanjuan and one of my books, Conspiracies and Controversies). Methinks that Abu Sayyaf is a state sponsored terror group created by some puppets in uniform and manipulated by foreign vested interests through a clique of corrupt local government functionaries as weapon for their illicit fund raising and political control.

Most of the remnants of ASG are 'ABU SHABU', meaning many are drug users, reason they are so violent and fearless. They are good copy for terror and trepidation. If the local government units can't weed out the bandits, let's try putting a military government there. A pocket martial law is the answer. Command responsibility is a must. Terror infested communities should be put in such a situation to ferret out and eliminate the culprits, their cohorts and masters.

But, what if the creator and protector and of these Frankensteins are our enemies from within? Can our government do something? Do they know something but really helpless to act?

Beware of the real bandits!

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