Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sustaining the War Machine

Sustaining the War Machine

By Erick San Juan

The world thought that the “war on terror” days of former President George Dubya Bush has ended as he finished his second term as US 43rd President. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has continued what Dubya started.

It is important to analyze the confluence of events after the tragic attack on the World Trade Center in September 11, 2001. The world has witnessed how the Bush Jr. era has conveniently categorized sovereign nations as Rogue States, Axis of Evil, Arc of Crisis – the main goal of which is to implement regime change to these unfriendly nations.

The countries that fall under these categories are reportedly threat to Uncle Sam’s national security, therefore it’s the Americans’ duty to “restore democracy” and help the people regain their freedom against a dictatorial (or totalitarian) regime.

When the global war on terror (GWOT) started and the hunt for the villain – Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network, became Bush’s obsession, it dragged all countries who were against this terror network. They used the strategy of tension that sowed fear worldwide.

From that day on until the so-called capture and death of the feared leader of big terror group – Osama bin Laden, we had witnessed the growth of arms sale and the “rebuilding” of nations destroyed by the efforts of United Nations and the US peacekeeping forces to restore democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The unfinished business of Bush Dubya on the “rogue states” - North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran and Libya, is now in the hands of the current US President. We know what happened to Iraq and recently with Libya, and the demonization of North Korea with its satellite rocket launch. And now the world is in the wait and see mode on the impending attack on Iran.

There could be no other reason as some pundits see it, that the continuing demonization of sovereign states is to sustain the dying (almost dead) economy of the most powerful country in the world. An outside enemy has to be created to justify the need for securing one’s territory in the process.

That is the reason why Uncle Sam has to declare its return to Asia-Pacific in order to secure its ties with his allies in the region to fight a perceived common adversary – China. With the use of some mainstream corporate media, China now is being projected as the bully in the neighborhood thus creating tension in the region.

Uncle Sam succeeded in this scenario for some countries, especially claimants in the disputed areas in the South China Sea, ordered the needed war materiel to secure their territories.

It is very clear how some of our leaders kowtow to Uncle Sam’s line of protecting our right as claimant to the SCS and bought two Hamilton class cutter (museum grade) and ordered a squadron of F-16 jet fighters. For those who are not aware of the scenario they’ve created, it seems that we owe them our military modernization. Sad to say we are actually taken for a ride and not treated as a long time ally for we actually bought these military hardwares stripped down with its weapons and other important gadgets.

As long as the world is being fed with fear and hatred against one another, there is always a threat for a possible world war. And if PNoy will not play his cards well, so to speak, we will again be used as a witting tool in this war game that Uncle Sam's military industrial complex wants to achieve in order to sustain its war machine.

We hope and pray that the US visit of PNoy will be fruitful and will truly benefit us.

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