Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PNoy's Gain, Pinoy's Lost

PNoy's Gain, Pinoy's Lost

By Erick San Juan

The past events that we have been writing about which culminated in the US visit of PNoy only proved that there was already a plan and the perception that PNoy has fooled his 'boss'- the Filipino people.

Before the Fukushima incident, we wrote about the implementation of the 2006 agreement between the US and Japan. They have to relocate the US marine base from the crowded urban area of Futenma to Guam. The local politics of Japan has suffered much in the process from Uncle Sam’s pressure, and so was the pressure from the Japanese living in the area.

Obviously, aside from Guam, Uncle Sam has to look for other places for the said relocation and where else that he can find such location which is nearer and cost efficient than the Philippines.

Since then, solons from the US Congress had their turns in visiting the country for a possible revival of the Subic naval base in particular. When US Senators, Daniel Inouye and Thad Cochran paid a visit to the Subic Bay Freeport (that we wrote right after their visit), a lot of speculations came out that Uncle Sam is eyeing the former bases for the said relocation from Japan.

No new bases, expanded coast watch.

We have been hearing a lot of rhetorics from the PNoy administration that there will be no new bases or basing rights that Uncle Sam will employ in the process. But now that the cat is out of the bag, there could be no denying that the present administration has opened former Subic and Clark military bases for the US troops to use.

As what Travis J. Tritten wrote : “The announcement of an expanded military relationship this week comes after months of talks between Washington and Manila, and appears to be another step forward in the U.S. plan to bolster forces in the Asia-Pacific region.” (Published @Stars and Stripes, 6/7/2012)

It is quite obvious that this permission of using the former bases has already been planned for some months and culminated between PNoy and Obama in Washington just recently. Technically, there is no new bases for they will use the old bases. What a deception to the entire Filipino race!

Another “plan” that we are closely watching and wrote about in the recent past was the Coast Watch South (March 2011 To wit: Also (like the VFA) with the US Pacific Command, this US funded project plus the assistance from the Australian government, will guard the southern backdoor used by alleged international terrorist groups. Specifically, they are going to assist us in putting up radar stations in the Sulu, Basilan, Tawi-Tawi archipelago and the eastern part of Mindanao. (from my article Sans South, Sans Sovereignty)

Now, after PNoy’s “fruitful” US visit, Washington has pledged to support the National Coast Watch Center which was created in September 2011 under Executive Order 57 signed by the President , which calls for the establishment of a National Coast Watch Center headed by the Philippine Coast Guard to implement and coordinate maritime security operations in the country. Translation – expanded intel operations a.k.a. listening post.

It is truly an expanded military relationship that has made the whole country as Uncle Sam’s “outpost and doormat.” So, what else is new?

After our 114th commemoration of the country’s independence, this development from PNoy’s US visit is a slap on the face to every Filipino hero that has fought for Philippine Independence!

May PNoy have the conscience,wisdom and be transparent to avert a war that will assure the annihilation of the Filipino people. God bless us all...

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