Tuesday, May 28, 2013

G2 and the 2-Pronged Taiwan Issue

G2 and the 2-Pronged Taiwan Issue
By Erick San Juan

US Pacific Command’s Brig. Gen. Michael A Keltz says Chinese officials told him the Pacific should simply be divided in two, with America dominating one half and China the other. (Taken from US, China Deepen Military Ties by Peter Apps, Political Risk Correspondent, Reuters)

It seems that the world’s perception of the growing rift between Washington and Beijing has proven wrong when this analysis by Peter Apps appeared saying that “even as the United States accuses China of military espionage and worries about Beijing’s more strident posture in the Asia-Pacific region, the ties between the armed forces of the two nations have been getting closer. Direct contact between China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and some of its potential adversaries has increased dramatically in the last two years.”

The mere fact that even Australia in its 2013 Defence White Paper signals military shift toward China – “As an indicator of Australian efforts to face the blunt reality of China’s rising military machine, the report cites Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s visit to Beijing last month, when it was agreed to designate their bilateral relationship as a “strategic partnership.”

As a result of the trip, Australia and China will conduct annual dialogues at the “leaders-level” with two new ministerial-level dialogues: the Foreign and Strategic Dialogue and the Strategic Economic Dialogue.

These will be in addition to the longstanding Defence Strategic Dialogue held annually between the Department of Defence and the People’s Liberation Army. Australia is one of the few countries that have a strategic dialogue at the four-star level with China.” (www.defensenews.com)
Sounds familiar! Remember the Glastnost and Perestroika of Gorbachev which led to the downfall of the Soviet Union..Gorby stayed in San Francisco, USA near the Golden Gate bridge to save his ass.
With the abovementioned scenario among the three countries playing a major military role in the region, our country is caught unaware that an ongoing proxy war is actually happening right under our noses. Sadly the government missed the two-pronged Taiwan issue besetting our nation.

One, some pundits noticed that China’s hand is fanning the Taiwan issue in order to escalate the anger of the Taiwanese against us.

Philippine labor and diplomatic officials have been given strict instructions not to talk to the media about the Taiwan mess: first, because the incident off Batanes waters is still under investigation; and second, as the issue has implications not only on Philippines-Taiwan relations, but in the entire West Philippine Sea. What is China’s role in this mess?

For one, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou and the Kuomintang party are now known to be pro-China. And President Ma has a below-20 percent popularity rating among his people. He needs a strong stance around which he wants to rally his people.

A Manila-based Filipino diplomat believes that China may have a hand fanning the weak flames against the Philippines in Taiwan. He said China – using pro-China elements in Taiwan government and media – wants to provoke people-to-people fight in Taiwan to test the water and see what the Philippines might do. He said the Batanes shooting may be a good case for the bigger territorial dispute that the Philippines has with China. (Source: Veronica C. Uy, InterAksyon.com)

I have written about this many times and talked about it in my daily radio program that China (and US) had to find an ‘excuse’ to unite their citizenry in order to avoid a possible civil war within their nation-states. From the same report by Veronica Uy, she cited the call for unity amongst Chinese people that appeared @www.globaltimes.cn - The editorial called on “Chinese society (to) stay united in the South China Sea disputes, rather than making different calculations in front of the provocative Philippines.”

It proposed that mainland Chinese also suspend tourist trips to the Philippines and slow down imports from the Philippines.

"We call on people in Hong Kong and Macao to join this joint action against the Philippines. This will make a special contribution to both protection of sovereignty and social solidarity among the Chinese people,” the Chinese news website said.

Calling for unity among all Chinese people, the website added: “The latest crisis may last a while, during which Manila will probably seek a chance to drive a wedge between the two sides across the Straits. But on the other hand, it could also become a period in which the Chinese people clearly feel each other's support…The whole of Chinese society must stand together to guarantee its victory.”

Now that we know what this is all about, the question is: How do we respond?

A very good question which so far has been addressed poorly by the people around the present administration due to the fact that it is believed being done deliberately in order to cover up the election issues vis-à-vis Smartmatic’s hocus PCOS. This is the other side of the coin in the so-called Taiwan issue where the ‘fanning of the flames of anger’ is actually coming from within. And in the process, the various issues and problems confronting the results of the recent elections orchestrated by some of the officials of Complec is being put in the back burner.

A lot of concerned citizens are doing a great job in trying hard to expose the anomalies that ‘envelope' the recently concluded elections. The ball is in the Palace court, something has to be done to correct this. But if there will be no moves to right the wrongs, the cheating conspiracy has reached the Palace. So what else is new?


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The cabal consisting of Orionite influence may have already burrowed into the Chinese points of control. They are ready to implode the west and collect their loot from it.

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