Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Are we going to wait for the next screening?

Are we going to wait for the next screening?
By Erick San Juan

As the five-day naval exercises between the US and the Philippines has ended, it looks like the country will once again be open for the use of the  former  American bases in Subic and Clark, is this possible under our constitution?

According to the Department of Defense Secretary, Voltaire Gazmin, the Philippines would allow the United States, Japan and other allies access to its existing military bases under an agreement that would be in accordance with the Constitution and the Visiting Forces Agreement.

So, it is not true that we will construct new bases, instead the government is now preparing the so-called ‘access agreement’  so that Americans, Japanese and other allies’ troops and equipments (a.k.a. war materiel) will now have access to the former  military bases. Translation – they will come and go as they please and turning our country into a doormat in the region (again). So what else is new?

Hopes are high that the PNoy administration will come out with the ‘access agreement’ and put it into effect just as the government is all out in modernizing the Armed Forces of the country.

Uncle Sam’s troops together with their sea and air warships (including drones/UAV) have been ‘visiting’ the country since the ratification of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) over a decade ago. And as if Uncle Sam is not satisfied with VFA (via the MDT), this time they will use the backdoor again in cohorts with some government officials to circumvent the Philippine Constitution with this access agreement.

Part of the big picture.

We all know that the over-hyped ‘pivot to Asia-Pacific region’ is crucial for Uncle Sam’s plan to get hold of the region for obvious economic reasons, aside from containment of China.  And where else they can put their hundreds of troops and war materiel with open legs than in the Philippines. The US propaganda machine just released a floater that Subic will be the new Guam in the offing. Sadly, we really never learned from history of sheer collaboration and the famous tag – ‘what’s in it for me?’ by leaders with their ‘dealhensya’ and other perks for such collaboration, how sad.

Now that we are being dragged again towards a regional conflict and possibly a global war, the scenario analyzed by some pundits is now gradually coming into a reality. The Philippines could be the epicenter in Asia of the next world war. And a pretext is just waiting to be triggered amid tensions already brewing in the process.

Just like the Hollywood-made movies, a scenario is being planned of how the mighty Uncle Sam will fall, floaters(?) of things to come. God forbid.

And from David Chase Taylor of truther.org posted June 30, 2013   and the site is http://truthernews.wordpress.com/  - Based on breaking news and events depicted herein, it now appears that the 'globalists' have authorized the Chinese government to execute a controlled “surprise” attack against the United States and Japan starting in July of 2013. This unprovoked attack will likely kick-off with a series of escalating Chinese terror attacks against western U.S. cities (i.e., Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California) followed by a full-scale invasion of key U.S. military bases in the Pacific theater (i.e., Okinawa, Japan, Iwo Jima, Japan, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii).

Once America and the world are collectively glued to their respective television sets, TV channels worldwide will be simultaneously held hostage in an unprecedented act of cyber-hijacking as the Chinese attack culminates with “Live TV” nuclear detonation in an American city with a recognizable skyline (i.e., Seattle—Space Needle, San Francisco—Golden Gate Bridge or St. Louis, Missouri—Gateway Arch).

Depending on how the world reacts to the first ever “Live” nuclear attack, a second nuclear detonation will likely target another city in the United States or Europe, quite possibly Paris, France. In order for a nuclear attack to be the most psychologically terrorizing, a well-known landmark (e.g., the Twin Towers on 9/11) must be destroyed in the attack to serve as a life-long reminder of that horrific day.

The Chinese surprise-attack depicted herein is slated to be eerily reminiscent of the December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and will undoubtedly spark a nuclear war between the United States and China which recent Truther.org reports such as, “Chinese “Kamikaze” Drone Attack On Pearl Harbor Hawaii Imminent” and “Red Dawn Scenario: Chinese Attack On America Imminent” have attempted to thwart.

There are several movies shown and will be shown of the possible scenes in real-life. The mere fact that the 9/11 attack and the Boston bombing were shown in some TV animated series and other TV programs in the US, we can never tell how far these made in Hollywood movies will go to provide us with clues of what will be the next scenario. Are we going to wait and see for the next screening?

Let us all be vigilant and pray harder that the few forces of evil will meet their end soon.

 Let's also hope and pray that the July 4th sinister plot will also fail!

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