Sunday, September 1, 2013

Obama's War

Obama's War by Erick San Juan

The surprise U-turn of US President Barack Obama in attacking Syria over the weekend should be taken with a grain of salt, why is this so? As I have said before (in my writings and in my daily radio program) that a world war (or a regional conflict) is inevitable because of one, economic and two, to unite the citizenry of both the US and China against a perceived outside enemy to avoid domestic violence. And such war/conflict can be delayed but unfortunately will push through as planned by the ‘chosen few.’

As what was reported from various online sources that President Obama had made a second decision: to seek the approval of Congress before launching any strikes. The president said he had listened to members of Congress who had expressed a desire for their voices to be heard, and that he agreed. Although we have to be wary because “Obama insisted the delay did not have any tactical consequences. His most senior military adviser had told him an attack would be "effective tomorrow, or next week, or one month from now.” (The Guardian online 9/1/13) Meaning the attack will happen in the near future.

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news here but actually, this foreseeable conflict was analyzed by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former treasury assistant secretary in the Reagan administration and former editor of the Wall Street Journal, way back in April 2011 when he was interviewed by James Corbett (

The salient points tackled by Dr. Roberts in the said interview was the sealing off of the Mediterranean Sea. Then, by creating the conflict in the countries bordering the sea which include Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria. Dr. Roberts explained that by sealing off the Mediterranean Sea, access to that region for oil will now be impossible. And the direct casualty to this is China which has several huge investments in Libya and also in some countries in Africa for oil and other natural resources.

Actually, this move against China is not new, the US did the same strategy with Japan in the 1930’s, denying Japan with access to oil then. This time with China, is a masterpiece that could start another world war in the process because China will not take things sitting down. The fact that they have nuclear weapons like Russia, they will protect their sovereignty and their rights to have access to oil for their development.

The middle east countries that borders the Mediterranean Sea have to be taken down (one by one) in order to remove these ‘obstacles’ (in the words of Dr. Roberts) through US military invasion. To complete its geostrategic design that will encircle Russia and then China. This is the design that the oligarchs made several years ago like a grand chessboard that the pieces are now falling in their proper places as they have envisioned to take over sovereign nations and build the American hegemony a.k.a. empire.

But like what James Corbett pointed out in the interview, history has shown how empires collapsed from within. and his question to Dr. Roberts – 'What would be the possibility that the American people can actually take back their government and stop this crazy drive towards nuclear destruction?'  And Dr. Roberts cited the economic condition in the United States and how the American people has suffered from foreclosures, massive unemployment among others. The internal cohesion of the country could collapse and Washington is so used up in trying to deal with the domestic crisis that it can’t keep its focus on its foreign hegemony, that’s the real possibility.

Remember that this interview happened over two years ago. The current Syrian crisis will not make any difference in solving any problems but will actually put the entire world in jeopardy once the attack on Syria will push through. This is not a simple crisis but a possible thermonuclear attack on Syria can lead to a global conflict.

As always, the leaders of this country while very busy trying to cover some mess by sweeping them under the rug of lies and deceit (a.k.a. chubibo) in the Napoles et al pork barrel mess, we are in turn being taken for a ride by Uncle Sam by sending his emissary of bad omen to have access again to their former military bases by using rhetoric that “they have no intention of putting up permanent military bases” here. Translation – they really never left and like what I have written recently, they are using the former operation of Donald Rumsfeld, the ‘lily-pad’ bases coupled with Special Operation Forces plus the unmanned aerial vehicle or popularly known as drones. By granting access to the US military troops and war materiel, we are really looking for trouble and will put the whole archipelago in danger.

Again, while the occupants of the Palace especially the people in his loop are in the panic mode that they might be implicated in the pork barrel scam, nobody is minding the store again. And seriously, we are now a huge magnet attracting our perceived master’s enemies. Our soldiers and our land will be the collateral damage as expected. To our President, wake up before its too late.

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