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Angel and Demon by Erick San Juan

Angel and Demon by Erick San Juan

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) signed in April 4, 1949, by which the 'Parties' agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all; and each of them will assist the attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other 'Parties', such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed forces. NATO's headquarter is in Brussels. Belgium is one of the 28 member states across North America and Europe, the newest of which, Albania and Croatia, joined in April 2009.

NATO is just one of the many treaties that United States had entered into and to put it blatantly, there are about fifty-four countries that the US is legally obligated to militarily protect and defend if they get into their own conflicts. (

And here we are where PNoy administration is so eager to push through another agreement with Uncle Sam tagged as ‘enhanced military cooperation’ in time for US President Barack Obama’s visit late this month.

Thanks to so many American patriots like Patrick Buchanan, among others who have been sending us a lot of information and giving the other side of the truth on how America was manipulated and controlled by a 'chosen' few. Now America's foreign policy is in shambles. HM, a patriot friend believed that 'Reptilians' disguised as bumbling Americans are buffoons and becoming incompetent  leading everyone to war.  And it sounds like if our decrepit navy gets into a shooting war with China, we are on our own. Like Cuba, the Philippines will realize all too soon, the bases are not here to protect us, but to enslave us. When are we going to wake up and realize that we are being taken for a ride again (translation – ‘chubibo’) by the big brother in the guise that they are really against China and using us as its cannon fodders?

Uncle Sam's corporats and war business complex have the luxury of fighting so many fronts because there are fools like us who will kowtow to its whims of staging a war where peace and interdependence is very much the trend instead of conflict and prejudice towards neighboring countries.

That is why even the former US Senator Mike Gravel said, “you are going to find that the back draft on what we’re doing is going to create more terror, put more Americans at risk than if we paid attention to our own defense, rather than being around the world with our 700 plus bases, that we feel threatened by people who dislike us.”

Press TV reports that the former US senator says the United States plays “policeman of the world”, a role that will drag America into its greatest problem.

“All you have got to do is just to travel around the world and you realize the amount of hatred that Americans are incurring as a result of wantonly feeling that we’re the policeman of the world and we can go kill, subjugate and intimidate anybody in the world,” said former US Senator Mike Gravel.

As what America is doing in the Crimean crisis.

From the viewpoint of Pat Buchanan – “Yet, the immediate problem is how to avoid a military confrontation or clash with Vladimir Putin's Russia over Crimea, which almost no American wants."

"Apparently, the West has decided to start down the sanctions road."

"But where does that road lead?"

"While sanctions may cripple the Russian economy, will they break Putin? Did they break Castro? Did they break Kim Il Sung or Kim Jong Il? Did they break the Ayatollah? Does Putin look like someone who will respond to an economic squeeze by crying uncle?"

"Moreover, in this age of interdependence that America did so much to launch, sanctions are a two-edged sword."

"If Ukraine cuts off oil, gas, water and electricity into a seceded Crimea, whose tourist trade is drying up, this could provoke Putin into invading Eastern Ukraine and seizing the lone land bridge onto the peninsula."

"It could provoke Russia into cutting off imports from Ukraine, turning off the oil and gas, and calling in Ukraine's debts. This would precipitate a default by Ukraine, without more Western aid than the $35 billion it is now estimated Kiev will need by 2016."

"Are House Republicans willing to vote America's share of that vast sum and make Ukraine a recipient of U.S. foreign aid roughly equal to what we provide annually to Israel and Egypt?"

"And if we severely sanction Russia, she could cut off oil and gas to Europe, cause a recession in the eurozone, and move closer to China."

"Nixon's great achievement was to split China off from Moscow. President Reagan's great achievement was to preside over the conversion of the "evil empire" into a country where he was cheered in Red Square."

"What our Greatest Generation presidents accomplished, our Baby Boomer presidents appear to have booted away.”

Remember that there are still a lot of good guys in America, the problem is some top people there are playing the angel and demon operation and dragging the whole American populace as the bad guy.

Here at home, we have our own bungling inept fools in the government kowtowing to western pressure, while our money continues to go into wide open pockets - for nothing.

God help us all.

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