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News They Want Us To Believe by Erick San Juan

News They Want Us To Believe by Erick San Juan

I got curious when an American like Sen. Ron Paul attack the mistakes of his government. Its  more amazing when a British patriot like Ken Fuller  of Daily Tribune exposed the wrong doing of his nations most popular TV network, BBC.  He kidded that a joke has been circulated on the internet regarding BBC's TV newsreader saying, "Here is what we want you to believe." He said the reality is, it gives rise to anger and not laughter.

He cited the media bias of British Broadcasting Corporation which he called the 'Biased Broadcasting Corporation' in reporting the alleged Israel's systematic murder of Palestinians in Gaza and the downing of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 over the eastern Ukraine.(Daily Tribune 8/12/14)

There are several conflicting stories and blame game emanating from both sides of the fence. Western media pinpointed the Russians and pro-Russian rebels as the culprit while most international reports suggest that Kiev forces were responsible for the crush of MH17.

Fuller cited the conservative Manila Times July 18 story where two Ukrainian fighter jets were seen trailing the Malaysian commercial jet before it was brought down. He reiterated the query of Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov as to why did the Ukraine air traffic controllers allow MH17 to deviate from the regular route to the north towards the conflict zone and what happened to the observation of a Spanish air traffic controller?

"On July 23, the BBC's Russian service ran a video also showing that eyewitnesses on the ground confirmed the presence of Ukrainian military aircraft when MH17 was hit. The BBC's Olga Ivshina told viewers that the Ukrainian Security Service had produced a video and photos purporting to prove that a BUK missile had been used."

Fuller debunked Ivshina's allegation. He commented that Ivshina and her crew were unable to find any evidence of a missile launch in the area. "The local militia told the BBC that it did not have weaponry capable of hitting aircraft at high altitude." He stated that the video is viral  and still accessible via globalresearch.com.

Citing another internet report, international experts perceived the confluence of events connected with the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 last March (I have written about it. Read it at www.ericksanjuan.blogspot.com) and the plane crash in Ukraine last month as the west's desire to mislead the international community and create a situation with their version of events. According to a well known journalist Nigel Cawthorne, almost a similar incident happened this year when a plane flying to Beijing was hit by a missile mistakenly unleashed in the course of secret military exercises conducted by the US and Thailand in South China Sea. Cawthorne explained that an emergency situation happened during the military maneuvers which resulted in an incident where a commercial jet became an unwitting target and was shot down. In this kind of scenario, no one will admit a mistake because for sure, it will complicate relations with several nations especially China where hundreds of its nationals were the passengers and casualties.

To avoid similarities of another incident in 1988, when an American cruiser ship shot down an Iranian passenger plane in the Persian Gulf, the western media quickly  made a report about the error in the calculated search area and black boxes found off the coast of Australia.

Cawthorne analyzed the said military exercises which was carried out simultaneously at the time of the disappearance of MH370. Eyewitness testimonies published an account of a burning plane falling in the Gulf of Siam. Cawthorne argued that such military 'mistakes' happen quite often. However, aviation experts assured him that the plane can not disappear without a trace.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Muhamad Mahathir had a similar position and analysis as to the MH370 incident. In his blog, he called the search operation as a waste of time and money. He stated that given the fact that during the first hours after the tragedy, experts from CIA, FBI, and MI6 were engaged on searching for the missing aircraft. He claimed that the west's intelligence community could be hiding the information about the circumstances of the plane's disappearance. He also noted that the 'Boeing' company was able to remote control over the devices of the aircraft. But the absence of the data indicated the closure of access to information by concerned parties. Mahathir believed that there was a cover up somewhere.

Uncovered intelligence reports showed a pattern of past incidents as a pretext. One of them was in the memoir of former US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara who in March 1962 considered the CIA proposal on how to use a large scale provocation to organize an invasion of Cuba. The plan was to create an incident that would convincingly demonstrate that a Cuban fighter jet can shot down a chartered aircraft with students on board. The scenario would push the US to attack Cuba with the support of the media and the international community.

This could be the reason why pundits always give a second thought when such dastardly act happens. In the book, "Why Are We At War? By Norman Mailer, he explained that some American leaders pursue war not in the name of security or anti-terrorism or human rights but in an undeclared yet fully realized ambition of global empire.

Thanks to the patriotic Americans and westerners who leaked to the world this kind of plans by some arms dealer controlling governments to make profit out of chaos.

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