Tuesday, March 31, 2015

World War is for Real by Erick San Juan

World War is for Real by Erick San Juan

If we do the unthinkable -- and allow another world war to erupt -- there won't be any winners, everybody on the planet will lose.

The war that everyone fears we are moving inexorably toward could not be a protracted war of attrition as WWII was. It would rapidly escalate into a brutal exchange of missiles, of aerial battles between US and Russian jet fighters, of US-NATO aircraft carriers and battleships sending sorties to fire rockets and drop bombs on Russia, Iran and Syria.

The global economy is not what it was leading up to WWII. In fact, it is nearly the opposite. The US and Europe had very little debt going into that war. They emerged with huge levels of it when it was over.

If a global war breaks out it will quickly bankrupt the world and send the global economy into a depression. People seem to think that America can wage another war right on top of two wars with impunity. But those two wars already had a large hand in ratcheting up the national debt to $18.1 trillion and counting. (Source: Are we on the brink of World War III? by Will Hart)

In the above-mentioned scenario, World War III will be quick but deadlier with the use of modern war materiel and the use of advance and sophisticated military technology due to man’s search for much deadlier weapons.

Unfortunately, we are in the brink of the next global war as we are witness to the forging of alliances again via economic and military development, and our country is one of them. Through the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), Uncle Sam’s pivot to Asia will materialize as we accept hundreds of US troops in rotational basis to all our existing military camps.

The so-called military modernization is not given but we bought refurbished military hardware from the US and in effect we are doing them a favor as they decommissioned their old military ships, we buy them and upgrade them with additional cost for us. The US needed money in order to support their overheating economy, it’s the military-industrial complex that is profiting from arms race and the if ever the impending world war, no thanks to our corrupt politicians who will never get what's due us.

Will Hart is right – “the US is already imitating Japan of the 1990s and the imitation will only get more real. In the event of a full-scale war, congress would be faced with slashing social security -- and other safety net programs - as well as raising taxes... poison pills indeed.

America already has 50 million people on food stamps, many of them employed in low paying jobs or working part-time. A prudent politician might worry that all this is a recipe for social unrest.

What the FED and the Japanese and Euro central banks have proven so far is that they can print money, but not stimulate their economies. After 6 years of running the printing presses nonstop the global economy is deflating into a recession.

At this inopportune moment in history, suddenly the prospect of a global war rears its ugly snout. Is it not abundantly obvious that world war would only temporarily boost production and, in turn, inflation? But that would not result in net wealth-creation but in destruction and loss of life on a massive scale.”

If man will only realize how stupid it is to go into a large-scale world war, of how much it will cost, not only economically but lost of thousands of precious lives, going to war will not do any good. Or it is their only escape to save their domestic and financial problems and depopulate the world in the process.

The reality is, our historical ties with the US will do us more harm than good, whether we like it or not, we will be drag to a war not of our liking.

“Although the war is not man's nature, since man can use his own reason, instead of war and if it occurs, a population must fight on its own capacity, and not by seeking the help of others, particularly by those who accompany the general power of transnational corporations and banks, namely, G7 countries and the corresponding elite, the Albanians of Kosovo were "liberated" from Belgrade mainly by their own efforts.” - Ylli PĂ«rmeti

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