Sunday, May 24, 2015

China's Strat by Erick San Juan

China's Strat by Erick San Juan

While China was prepared to talk, it would not back down on the construction (in the South China Sea) that, it is something that falls fully within the scope of China's sovereignty. The determination of the Chinese side to safeguard their own sovereignty and territorial integrity is as firm as a rock, and it is unshakable.", Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

The above-mentioned statement was the response of Minister Wang when US Secretary of State John Kerry, in his two-day visit to Beijing, "urged China... to take actions that will join with everybody in helping to reduce tensions and increase the prospect of a diplomatic solution" in the disputed areas in the South China Sea.

What else is new? There had been talks between US diplomats and Chinese officials in the past and there seemed to be no stopping the People’s Liberation Army and Navy in its militarization of the SCS. Is the US being too soft on China and will just have to tolerate its actions despite the growing protests of the other SCS claimants?

I really have to rethink what Ferdie Pasion said in his text message that the "US wants the Philippines to be ‘China’s Ukraine’ to ‘sap the resources’ of China and stop the rapid rise of China and ASEAN’s economies. The only problem is that - it is us Pinoys who will have to do the ‘dying’ on the altar of this evil experiment of the American military industrial complex. No to war! No to massive depopulation through American – instigated war between China and the Philippines! China is willing to have bilateral talks with the Philippines but what the US want is a multilateral dialogue among the claimants and China which is not what China wants ever since." And in Ferdie’s viewpoint, China wants peace but the US wants war to erupt between China and the Philippines because in the process the American private corporations will earn while the Filipinos will die in a war that we can never win.

This is the sad reality and I have been telling this through my radio broadcasts that aside from being short changed we will always play as their cannon fodder.

The so-called talk between Kerry and Xi are all for a show because there seems to be an understanding between the two superpowers on how they will both benefit from this part of the region by using us and all our country’s riches.

And from the words of Dr. Sukjoon Yoon (a retired Captain of the Republic of Korea Navy) in his article ‘Why is China Militarizing the South China Sea?’ - Sadly, therefore, we should see the militarization of the South China Sea as a misguided statement of China’s political choices, rather than an expression of military flexibility. For more than 10 years now, the PLAN’s naval modernization has focused on the assertive manifestation of solid naval power. Of course, this has disturbed China’s neighbors, the small and weak ASEAN countries, as well as sending the wrong signals to Japan and the United States: this is not the way to become a true maritime power.
Throughout history, most maritime powers striving for “command” of their seas to protect their national commerce and other interests have faced severe financial and military resources deficits, so that absolute sea control has remained a matter of political imagination.

True, naval powers respect their neighbors and cooperate with them; maritime peace and prosperity is best maintained by recognizing maritime domains protected by properly codified international law: purely military tools are insufficient.

The South China Sea disputes are unnecessarily complicating China’s own progress: surely China’s “peaceful rise” should contribute to the common destiny of East Asia. On a more positive note, the PLAN is starting to develop a conceptual understanding of modern naval warfare and to incorporate this into its strategic approach. This militarization of the South China Sea is a fruitless distraction: China will only become a true maritime power by making further adjustments to outdated mindsets, both within the PLAN and also in the wider political leadership.”

There's even a 'joke' that during the meeting of China's president Xi Jin Ping with US State Department Secretary John Kerry, Sec. Kerry secretly whispered to Pres. Xi to stop invading the Pacific Ocean, the perceived US territory and just mind China's business in it's 9 dash line control of South China Sea.

 We have to be wary and united in order to survive a geopolitical strategy being played against us.

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