Monday, August 24, 2015

Self-fulfilling Time Line by Erick San Juan

There are now several videos and articles going around or shall we say – trending on the internet particularly the things that will happen in September.

Are these the globalist’s self-fulfilling assessments and programmed scenarios? It is like saying to us that we have to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. The crisis by design is on.

Michael Snyder wrote something about this in his article last August 17 – “Even after everything that has been said and written in the alternative media about what is going to happen during September, most Americans are still completely ignorant about the history changing events that are going to take place next month."

First of all, the most important template for global governance that the United Nations has ever dreamed up is going to be launched at a major conference from September 25th to September 27th.  The launching of this “new universal agenda” is such an important event that Pope Francis is going to be traveling to New York City to give the address that will kick off this conference.  This new plan is known as “the 2030 Agenda“, and it is being called “Agenda 21 on steroids”.  This is one of the most significant steps toward global government in the history of the world. Translation: a one world government becoming a reality this time.

Secondly, we also know that a major push for the establishment of a Palestinian state is being planned for September.  It has been widely reported by the international media that France plans to submit a UN Security Council resolution which would formally recognize a Palestinian state for the first time ever.  This is one of the most critical moments in the modern history of the Middle East, and yet the mainstream media in the United States is saying virtually nothing about it.

In September we also have the end of the Shemitah year, the fourth blood moon, the end of the Jade Helm exercises.  Despite the denial of NASA, we were alerted by a possible impact of a large asteroid named Nibiru or 'Planet X'. All over the Internet there is rampant speculation about a major stock market crash, devastating natural disasters and the weird “coincidences” that are pointing to the date of 9/23.

And even though articles and videos that discuss all of these things are going viral all over the Internet, the mainstream media in the United States has been strangely silent about all of it.”

Why is this so? Are the Americans in denial of the impending economic earthquake as what Snyder wrote - "When I first came across Sputnik News (a fully owned and operated by the government of Russia) and it is an international multimedia news service launched on 10 November 2014 by Rossiya Segodnya, which was created by a Decree of the President of Russia on 9 December 2013. Sputnik replaces the RIA Novosti news agency on an international stage (which remains active in Russia) and Voice of Russia.

And I have to admit that Sputnik News is willing to address many things that the corporate-controlled media in the U.S. simply will not touch.  For example, the following is from a recent Sputnik article about the financial crash that is coming this fall…"

The founder of Trends Research, who predicted the “panic of 2008,” believes that soon we will witness the crash of a global stock market and predicts “the economic earthquake [that] will send reverberations around the world”.

“There’s going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai, to the UK down to Brazil.” Gerald Celente told King World News. “You’re going to see one market after another begin to collapse.”

Analyst Larry Edelson took the fear to the next level as he even predicted the exact day the catastrophe begins, or, as he called it, a “roller-coaster ride through hell.”

“On October 7, 2015, the first economic super cycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions.” He said.

“It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen.”

In one recent article, RT was even willing to discuss the coming end of the Biblical Shemitah year in September. The report also jive with the Internet's Red Flag News of big list of 33 things to happen in September by Michael Snyder saying that next month will change history. He advised everyone to prepare for what you believe will happen. He added that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, an ultra orthodox Jew has indicated that the 'messiah' that the Jewish people are expecting could come at this time. While the Muslims are expecting for their 'Mahdi' to come and the Days of Awe by Christians waiting for the return of Jesus Christ..

Indeed, the hysteria over next month has reached such a fever pitch that even  seasoned experts are cracking open their dusty Bible for signposts.”

Yes, the ‘signs of the times’ are quite scary and most of them will happen next month that are actually man-made or planned agenda by the globalists. But the mere fact that most of these events will coincide with natural and biblical confluence of events – is the world coming to an end soon?

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