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End Game in Syria by Erick San Juan

End Game in Syria by Erick San Juan

In an article written by Tony Cartalucci, US End Game in Syria is Just the Beginning for A Wider Regional War?, he writes, “To call it a civil war is a gross mischaracterization. The entire conflict was engineered and fueled from beyond Syria’s borders. And while there are significant number of Syrians collaborating with this criminal conspiracy, the principal agents driving the conflict are foreigners. They include special interests in the United States, across the Atlantic in Europe, and regional players including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel. Syria is far from an isolated conflict. America’s interest in dividing and destroying Syria is part of a much larger agenda serving its aspirations both in the region and globally. The division and destruction of Syria as a functioning, sovereign nation-state is admittedly meant to set the stage for the conquest of Iran next."

"US End Game in Syria is just the beginning for wider regional war. Reuters recently published an op-ed titled, Syria’s one hope may be as dim as Bosnia’s once was, which argues that the only way the US can cooperate with Russia regarding Syria is if all players agree to a weakened, fragmented Syria.

If this scheme sounds familiar, that is because this op-ed was authored by Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution – a corporate-financier funded think-tank that has in part helped engineer the chaos now consuming the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). O’Hanlon previously published a paper titled, “Deconstructing Syria: A New Strategy for America’s most Hopeless War,” in which he also calls for the division and destruction of Syria.

In it, O’Hanlon calls for the establishment of “safe zones,” the invasion and occupation of Syrian territory by US, European, and Persian Gulf special forces, the relaxing of criteria used to openly fund what would essentially be terrorists operating in Syria, and openly making the ousting of the Syrian government, a priority on par with the alleged US fight against the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL).” (Posted at Global Research, October 17, 2015)

Sounds familiar? World leaders didn’t learn from history at all, repeating the same mistakes. In our case, if our own leaders will not be cautious enough, the design for the country’s balkanization is still on. It was delayed alright but the goal of some evil-minded globalists to balkanize this country is very much on the table. As I have written a few decades ago that the program (balkanization) is on but can be delayed, will materialize if we are not careful in choosing our next leaders.

The regional war we might get into by being ‘loyal’ or our leaders blackmailed by the Big Brother and be used as a cannon fodder against China is something that we have to rethink. The crisis in the Middle East will definitely affect our own peaceful existence because our corrupt leaders allowed and pressured to support US troops in its pivot to Asia to have its virtual military bases here.

There are lessons to be learned in contemporary history that we should be aware of and not be misguided by greedy collaborators. There is so much going on in the Middle East. In Syria  for example, that we should be vigilant enough so as not to be dragged Into another war.

“Putin, with a clear message to Washington and NATO governments on the subject of national sovereignty, something anathema to many who embrace the Nirvana supposed to come from globalization, homogenization of all to one level."

"What is the meaning of state sovereignty, the term which has been mentioned by our colleagues here?” Putin rhetorically asked. “It basically means freedom, every person and every state being free to choose their future. By the way, this brings us to the issue of the so-called legitimacy of state authorities. You shouldn’t play with words and manipulate them. In international law, international affairs, every term has to be clearly defined, transparent and interpreted the same way by one and all.”

Putin added, “We are all different, and we should respect that. Nations shouldn’t be forced to all conform to the same development model that somebody has declared the only appropriate one. We should all remember the lessons of the past. For example, we remember our Soviet past, when the Soviet Union exported social experiments, pushing for changes in other countries for ideological reasons, and this often led to tragic consequences and caused degradation instead of progress. “

"Those few words succinctly point to what is fundamentally wrong in the international order today. Nations, above all the one proclaiming herself Sole Superpower, Infallible Hegemon, the USA, have arrogantly moved after the collapse of the main adversary, the Soviet Union in 1990, to create what can only be called a global totalitarian empire, what G.H.W. Bush in his September 11, 1991 address to Congress called a New World Order. I believe with conviction that borders do matter, that respect for different cultures, different historical experiences is essential in a world of peace. That is as much true with nations as with individual human beings. We seem to have forgotten that simple notion amid all the wars of the past decades. Vladimir Putin reminds us.” (Putin is Defeating More than ISIS in Syria by F. William Engdahl, October 16, 2015 @Information Clearing House)

Thanks to the American patriots in exposing the hidden agenda of the globalists. We have forgotten our sovereignty just to kowtow to a perceived master. Unless we act as one sovereign nation and assert our rights to say no and insist to get what is due us, we will remain a slave in the this age of sophistication through modern technology and be ruled just like in the Middle Ages.

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