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Zika Virus Scare, Another Depopulation Agenda

Zika Virus Scare, Another Depopulation Agenda
By Erick San Juan
Several articles on the internet openly discussed the role of the globalists for another staged depopulation agenda using the Zika virus scare. Just like HIV-AIDS, Zika was reportedly found in Africa in the late 40's. One article written by Bernie Suarez even gave us a closer look on depopulation to serve as a reminder for the world to realize that the world is being used as a huge cage of guinea pigs for their experimentation and manipulation.
The global elites have been clear about their goal of depopulation. Depopulation is deeply embedded into all the global plans of the new world order. It’s all part of the Malthusian belief or theory that the earth only has limited resources and, therefore, it is up to humanity (or its ruling elite) to limit its growth. The ruling elite have been selling this ideology for decades.
In 1958, author of Brave New World Aldous Huxley appeared on a national TV interview with Mike Wallace about his gloomy view of humanity. In his interview he admits at the time that humanity is being manipulated and destroyed by many forces. Huxley almost sounds like a prophet or a wise messenger for humanity with his unique smart-sounding, slow-speaking technique. But it doesn’t take a wizard to listen in to the first 3 minutes to see that Huxley’s TV appearance ultimately is about selling the Malthusian dogma of scarcity and the need for depopulation as a solution.
Depopulation is also clearly outlined in the Georgia Guidestones, a monument (by the way) whose history is fully protected by the establishment media and Wikipedia. In case you didn’t know, the identity of the person who actually paid for the monument to this day is concealed. Wikipedia states:
In June 1979, an unknown person or persons under the pseudonym R. C. Christian hired Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the structure.
Wikipedia also states:
The structure is sometimes referred to as an “American Stonehenge”
So let’s get this straight. It’s an American “Stonehenge” of historic proportion, it was built in modern times, yet mysteriously no one knows who paid for it?? Let that sink in for a minute.
I am bringing up the Georgia Guidestones because not only it is a listing of ten commandments for the new world order, but the first two commandments have clear implications of the goals of depopulation. The first two commandments state:
1- Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. 2- Guide reproduction wisely— improving fitness and diversity.
Clearly the Luciferian elites who paid for these stones believe the Malthusian theory of population, and they feel population needs to be controlled. The second commandment demonstrates that controlling population is clearly something they feel needs to be done by controlling fertility and reproduction. Despite this outrage, there isn’t any criticism of this idea in Wikipedia or any establishment platform. Instead these ideas are seemingly accepted.
There is no greater control of humanity than taking control of someone’s body and their reproductive rights; and with the globalists going for it all in 2016, no one should be surprised that an effect that wasn’t traditionally there before is being attached to a virus that has been around potentially hundreds if not thousands of years.”
Another article by Luis R. Miranda, “How would globalists who favor mass depopulation go about decimating a country’s fertility rate? Normally they do it through two methods. One of them is loud, bloody and generally unwanted, although often used. That method is war."
"One can see the application of this technique in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, where western organizations and governments spend billions of dollars a year to promote and maintain the destabilization of nations by financing opposition groups that carry out civil wars.
The second method is stealthy, silent, and consequently more effective in achieving its goal. This second method is spreading bio-weapons over a determined population to affect their reproductive health.
War as method of depopulation is very effective, but it is not very popular. The sounds of war can be heard loudly, way before the first bomb is dropped. People usually have some time to prepare or run away.
In the case of a bio-weapon it is quite the contrary. There is usually no escape, unless you are in the know. The malignant beauty of a bio-weapon is that it achieves its goal of reducing fertility quietly and over a long period of time.
A bio-weapon may not be the choice in many occasions because it takes longer to achieve its end goal. In this respect, war is more effective, because it destroys property and human lives instantly.
The release of bio-weapons in the form of experimental trials with viruses, bacteria and other pathogens is not new, but it continues to be used by private entities funded by philanthropic organizations and government agencies.
Experiments are conducted in highly secured labs which follow standard protocols, but scientists who cozy up to their funding partners find it difficult not to deploy a bio-weapon outside their labs in an attempt to make it perfect. Of course, this is not spoken of publicly. The excuse is always ‘research’, ‘general well-being’ and other things of the sort.”
Manufactured diseases used for covert operations had to find its way to mostly third world countries which the globalists tagged as ‘useless eaters’ and had to be eliminated. In several Hollywood movies this is specifically in the script and openly tackled by so-called doctors cum scientists together with their ‘guinea pigs’ like in one of the Bourne movies filmed here. Sadly, like the Georgia Guidestones (American Stonehenge) that is glaring right before the world and nobody wanted to oppose it because they tagged the people who will try to as conspiracy theorists and just laugh it off. Thanks to presstitutes and the lamestream media of the corporate elite, they always muddle the truth with their lies and deceit and use the strategy of fear like what they are currently doing with the Zika virus scare.
Let us heed the warning of Bernie Suarez – “With the Olympics planned in Brazil this year, we should at least be paying attention to see how the establishment tries to spin this in terms of a global pandemic that must be dealt with by forced sterilization, forced vaccination or both. Either way it will likely be something out of the Aldous Huxley or Bill Gates new world order playbook to promote depopulation.
If nothing else, it’s about time we stop thinking that these global crises that all fit in perfectly with the new world order plans are by coincidence. And it’s time to take notice of how all the huge crises that are presented by the mass media, all seem to fit into the new world order plans in a very neat and increasingly perfect way. In light of the overall picture, we would be foolish to ignore these patterns.”
 Always be wary of the globalist agenda. An Evil genius can sometimes appear to be good to achieve his goal.

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