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The Left, Who's the Real Leader? by Erick San Juan

The Left, Who's the Real Leader? by Erick San Juan

More power to President Rodrigo Duterte and his goal to unify the nation since day one of his term, a sweeping unity making waves across the political spectrum but unfortunately it was not rightly reciprocated by the other party from the left. The President’s offer of a unilateral ceasefire to the CPP-NPA-NDF announced during his State of the Nation Address was recently cancelled.

According to reports, President Duterte issued the ultimatum after a government militia man was killed and four others were wounded in what the military said was an ambush by the NPA (New Peoples Army) in the southern province of Compostela Valley last Wednesday. The rebels owned up to the attack, but said they were thwarting an Army offensive.

The response from the communist party was later given after three hours from the deadline. It is now clear that local NPA's are not the ideologues that we know in the past. There appears to be 'phantom' leaders for every faction within. They could be corrupt politicians, scalawags in uniform, dubious businessmen in the provinces and covert power blocs. Even Joma Sison does not control the local combatants. I don't even believe that he has the real say in that NDF(National Democratic Front) office in Utrecht. So why talk with a Christian for National Liberation inspired NDF?

Historically, PKP (Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas) was infiltrated by foreign agents like US clandestine operator William Pomeroy and even the so called 'muscovites'. Pomeroy studied in UP, met and married Celia.

Taken from their website CPP       (Communist Party of the Philippines), the Philippine Revolution Web Central, this is what they say about Pomeroy.

"It is clear why sharp attention has been given to Pomeroy. He has been the most valuable among the Lava revisionist renegades in spreading in the Philippines and abroad counter-revolutionary revisionist ideas. His writings have been published and circulated by the Soviet, American and Philippine revisionist renegades."

"Pomeroy is liable to have spread noxious ideas more than the Lavas themselves, the dynastic chieftains of the Philippine revisionist renegades, whose writings are sparse and crude. As a matter of fact, his writings are often quoted and cited by the Lava revisionist renegades who look up to him as some sort of ideological authority."

Among the Lava revisionist renegades, Pomeroy enjoys today the status of being the most trusted agent of Soviet social-imperialism. Under the cover of revisionist phrase-mongering, he also exercises his role as a special agent of U.S. imperialism. There is ample proof to show that he has been an undercover agent of U.S. imperialism, with the specific task of sabotaging the Philippine revolutionary movement.

His counter-revolutionary record is well-known in the Philippines. He collaborated with the notorious anti-communist Luis Taruc in writing the “autobiography” of betrayal, Born of the People. Under the pretext of gathering material for this book, he gathered intelligence data for U.S. imperialism. At the same time, he glorified Taruc in a sleek maneuver to spread counter-revolutionary ideas and the black line of capitulationism. To keep himself planted in the old merger party, he followed the Jose-Jesus Lava clique in its shifts from Right opportunism to “Left” opportunism.

After giving himself up to the enemy in the course of Operation “Four Roses” in 1952, he spent time in prison only to be part of the reactionary government’s campaign to break the spirit of political prisoners and sponge for information that filtered in from the revolutionary mass movement. He wrote in prison the first draft of the pessimistic book, The Forest, despite the objections of others. It was upon the intercession of the U.S. government that he was released from prison in late 1961, a decade ahead of the release of those who had been sentenced like him to life imprisonment at the least. His release was in line with the U.S. imperialist support for the splitting activities of the Khrushchov revisionist renegade clique in the international communist movement. His ability to write opportunist trash qualified him for a new task from his U.S. imperialist master. (Pomeroy's Portrait: Revisionist Renegade, April 22, 1972)

There is so much to learn from history. This is the reason why we are being faced with this perennial problem created by the so called communist rebels. Even the late President Ferdinand Marcos created his own clandestine operation of leftists through the late General Galileo Kintanar then of ISAFP but some of his people used them in extracurricular and illegal activities and blamed the NPA.

Same thing happened to the late Popoy Lagman’s Alex Boncayao Brigade. At first it was instrumental in the killing of scalawags in uniform but in his last days he got worried that his ABB was being used and tagged as behind some criminal activities.

And now we have the leadership of an action man who will do whatever it takes to unify the nation peacefully, we hope and pray that with the support of the whole Filipino populace, such peace and unity can be achieved.

For the other questions that still unanswered in the course of understanding the so-called ‘reds’ like - how was the NDF created without the sanction of the Politburo of the CPP/NPA? And why was PKP dismantled and metamorphosed into CPP without the approval of the hierarchy of PKP/HMB(Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan)? Who are the puppet masters and puppets behind the scene? Is Benito Tiamzon the real head of our local communists? Who is George Madlos of NPA in Mindanao working for? What was the real participation of the late Jesuit priest Fr. Jose 'Derp' Blanco of Ateneo in the recruitment of former UP Professors Jose Ma. Sison and Nur Misuari to destabilize the Marcos regime? Please read my book DOSSIERS, to know more. It will be out in the market very soon. Also read my other 5 conspiracy books at amazon.com.

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