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Who's Fault: The Salesmen or The Product? by Erick San Juan

Who's Fault: The Salesmen or The Product? by Erick San Juan

Another war is going on, aside from the war on drugs, it's coming from the very vocal supporters and non-supporters of President Rody Duterte. Strong words coming from both sides are everywhere – on the internet via the social media especially at the Facebook and Twitter, the texters who are very active giving their views even on radio and on television. And there are radio stations giving air time to callers airing their sentiments and can easily be recognized if one is for or against the present administration.

There is a growing number of Filipinos who are perceived gradually realizing that they voted a leader who is fast becoming an enemy, not only inside the country but even outside of this country but no matter what, the pro-Duterte will always fight to defend their leader up to the end.

Sadly the country is again divided, as if nobody is minding the store. Blunder after blunder, mistakes not checked by people in his loop before releasing information to the public. If only some key people in the Palace are responsible enough and did their homework, ‘hindi malulubak ng madalas ang Pangulo’. Although there are several times that it’s the President’s fault when he made remarks against people or organization due to his heightened emotion based on past experiences. But if President Duterte is quick to make harsh comments, he is also quick to apologize if he believes he committed a mistake. But pundits believe that a leader should act and talk as real head of the state. Some concerned citizens on air requested the president not to talk like he owns the nation and drag everyone in a possible war which we will all regret. Another unsolicited advice on air this afternoon was about 'respect begets respect' and cussing and loose talk could backfire.

Close to his first 100 days in office, a lot of positive things happened especially on the war on drugs despite the expected jailing of big fishes, masterminds and financiers from the underworld. Everybody were shock to see thousands of users-pushers surrendered. But in the process he is now fighting several fronts as the growing number of pros and cons are in the ‘blame game’ mode.

So much can be seen of these pros and cons in front of national TV as the country’s legislators are investigating the so-called extra-judicial killings in aid of legislation.

On the internet, several points were given in favor of the President. The Republic Defenders, a group of

respected professionals commented that- "In our 71 years of being independent, this is the first time we have a president who is not like the rest. He is genuinely pro-poor and was elected by the people without the support of traditional politicians and self serving businessmen. Some people are afraid that because of PRRD's political will and genuine desire to improve our country's plight, the oligarchs may be displaced. The traditional politicians' shenanigans may be uncovered. The narco generals and their lieutenants and the narco politicians may be unmasked. The gambling lords may lose their business. All of them run the risk of ending up in jail and/or losing their riches."

"These are the conditions that is why President Duterte is already fighting so many fronts, in various factions because he is very firm and sincere in his war on drugs and corruption that those who are hit, tends to retaliate by finding ways to topple him down or worst, assassinate him."

"PRRD is not the typical president who had to horse trade to win. Thus, he has a free hand to do as he deems best for the Philippines. This is the first time his supporters which run into the millions continue to involve themselves in the affairs of government and openly declare support for PRRD to the extent of using their own funds."

"His cabinet is composed mostly of septuagenarians, where money is no longer the main objective, but to leave legacies behind."

"He touched base with the poor specially the leftists such that for the first time, his SONA was not picketed but supported by the masses."

"PRRD is tough and walks his talk. He and his selected men cannot be bribed. Therefore, the crooked and the rich are no longer within their comfort zones."

The above-mentioned are just some of the statements observed by those in favor of the leadership of the present administration.

On the contrary, the opposite are also aired through the internet by some factions who are not in favor of what the present leadership is doing and saying.

They see the push for an independent foreign policy of the government (but in favor of China and Russia) as an “attack on the west to appease the east” particularly the country’s decades-long ties with the United States and our membership with the United Nations.

It is some kind of a suicidal move to break our tie with the US by putting an end to all military exercises and in the process scrapping bilateral military agreements.

Some anti-communist groups are more fiery in their attack against PRRD claiming that " if you quack like a duck, walk like a duck, you're a duck." They said that the people should not just be vigilant every time PRRD talks but be wary of his actions.

A former communist turned nationalist warned that a possible repeat of the Bolshevik revolution, a Stalin or Castro of Cuba takeover is in the offing.

A retired military officer disclosed that it could be a combination of all scenarios. He reminded discreetly some of his friends that it could be what they call in the intelligence lingo 'painting in the west but fighting in the east'. Meaning the possible air,sea and land battle between China and other country claimants at the South China Sea is not feasible due to so many allies war machines nearby.

But a purging from within is believed to be a possibility especially now that the PRRD administration has given the left an alliance which the left hardliners could fast-track their real agenda. He added that since the AFP and the Department of Education scrapped the ROTC military training including the hibernated Congressional Committee Against Anti-Filipino Activities, it reportedly emboldened China to recruit young Chinoys to be sleepers and trained PLA soldiers in disguise as taking their vacation in mainland China.

A scary scenario which happened in the past when the Japanese OFW's in the Philippines metamorphosed into officers of the Japanese Imperial Army when the war broke out.

The President's men were put on the spot on how and what to answer when asked if the government is really serious about his move without hurting our diplomatic ties with the US and PRRD's image in the international scene.

Really, a lot of balancing act like we are in a circus, and the Duterte administration is just beginning.

How far can the President’s men and women go to defend his every word that is not music to a lot of ears, and how often they will say sorry to every mistake? And in the end, when worse comes to worst, who’s fault? The salesman or the product?

 May the good Lord guide PRRD to have wisdom in all his undertakings.

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