Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Never Learned from History by Erick San Juan

Never Learned from History by Erick San Juan

It seems that after over six months, the election fever is still on and the country’s socio-political gap is getting wider as crucial issues emerged. The latest of which is the ‘surprise burial’ of the former President Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani last November 18 at 12 high noon.

It will be remembered that Marcos’ burial is in the election promise list during the campaign period of team DU30 and allegedly in return for the campaign donation given by the Marcoses. It was even confirmed by President Rody Duterte in one of his interviews that Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos donated for his campaign funds.

So the big fuss that the anti-Marcos/anti-Martial Law protesters are staging is due to the fact that the burial was likened to a thief in the night and a lot were surprised. Former President Ramos got pissed off that despite his meeting with PRRD last week, he was not informed not even by his boys who are now in the cabinet of DU30.

Duterte has defended the burial, saying laws entitled Marcos to be buried at the heroes’ cemetery as a former president and soldier. Although varied reports said that PDU30 was not aware of the Marcos burial last November 18 and the flowers from Malacanang was a SOP  (standard procedure).

Is PDU30 convinced by the Marcoses to fast track all legal remedies so that the FM secret accounts in the Carribean under a shell corporation at the British Virgin Islands be recovered before the globalists garnished it due to the expose of the Panama Papers?

Aside from the so-called Martial Law victims and protesters, former President Fidel Ramos, once again reminded President Duterte to be very careful of his decisions that concerns almost healed wounds from the past.

The number one supporter and a staunch believer of a Duterte presidency, PFVR said that the move of the Marcos family to hasten the burial of the patriarch, with the help of the police and military, is a “step backwards” for the Duterte administration.

"You must understand that is just a happening in a series of happenings. The scheme of the Marcos family with the connivance of some elements of Armed Forces including the national police -- some only, not everybody -- is a step backwards for this administration in the sense that they are losing support, they are losing friends," Ramos said. (Various sources)

Is the former president’s statement a warning to the present administration to be cautious of things to come that may contribute to his downfall if he will not heed the writings on the wall? Just asking.

The alleged payback of the Marcos donation through the burial of the ‘dictator’ at the LNMB can be a trigger to a series of events that might be a repeat of the Erap ouster in 2001. Duterte should make decisions based on intelligent advises from people who know more like PFVR on matters of politics, diplomacy and national security.

Now that the outrage of the netizens and the millenials from the internet (via social media networking) to the streets is gaining momentum, are we geared towards a social volcano in the offing ready to erupt any moment now?

No matter how often people say to move on when it comes to the Marcos’ burial, it is quite obvious why the past administrations did not touch such controversial issue because wounds of hate and anger will pry open and create a divided nation in the process. Everything will be affected, people will turn to parliament of the streets and economic activities will be hampered. And here we go again, just like in the 70’s when Martial Law was declared, same old chants and placards, and same old, now old activists and protesters of the Marcos years.

Some say that this ‘Marcos’ political victory’ is a step closer for the younger Marcos, Jr. to win the second highest position of the land. What? We have been fooled once, and maybe twice but another Marcos in the Palace? WTF! Never again!

Let us not allow another deception by the family that plundered this nation and when exiled, helped by people like me and the original Marcos loyalists hoping that they will acknowledge and grant what was promised and be given what due us. Nothing. Many of the original loyalists got sick and died without even visited, assisted nor given condolences by any one of the family despite that they're all back and in government service. The worst, my good friend, Col. Rexor Ver, one of the sons of the late Fabian Ver died without getting any assistance for his medication from this family. All but empty promises and lies.

Let us all learn from history and never to allow a repeat.

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