Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saber Rattling: Where Do We Side?

Saber Rattling: Where Do We Side?

By Erick San Juan

Saber rattling is an idiom which means a flamboyant display of military power... For example : There had been a great deal of saber rattling between the two nations but hostilities had never broken out. (from What a very timely and fitting example of what is currently happening globally, particularly in our territory.

Why here? Historically, the Philippines has been known for its very strategic location, specially in the sea lanes. For contemporary geopolitical game, we are located strategically in that “ring around China ” that was designed by the likes of MacKinder, Huntington, Brzezinski and Kissinger. If we will allow this insanity, we will again put ourselves in a very bad situation.

Initially, we witnessed the presence of the air craft carrier USS George Washington that was docked 10 kilometers away from Manila Bay, for several days which they said was an act of "goodwill" and for humanitarian mission like medical and civic. Then again, a lot of people are suspicious of what could be the real score of such overwhelming “humanitarian mission” that must be carried out by a huge battleship. Or, could it be (as what others speculated over the internet thru e-mail) that they are actually “loading gold” in this aircraft carrier?

What about the continuing massive build up of China ’s strength in all aspects, especially within its military front, as cited regularly in Asia Times online. The promised “peaceful rise” of China is opposite to its undertaking in the military front specifically the war games dubbed as “Stride 2009” which will go on for two months. As what Kent Ewing wrote: “For the first time, forces from the four major regional military commands - stationed in the cities of Shenyang , Lanzhou , Jinan and Guangzhou - will all be engaged in live-fire drills at least 1,200 kilometers from their bases. Some soldiers will reportedly be involved in maneuvers as far as 1,600 kilometers from home. Previously, military exercises had only been conducted by troops under a single regional military command. This has led military analysts to speculate that one of the purposes of the war games is a test run for reforming the command system.” ( Asia Times Online, Aug. 18, 2009 )

China ’s “Stride 2009” is really making us, and the rest of its Asian neighbors really nervous, what more on the other side of the globe? Could this be the reason for the “humanitarian visit” of the USS George Washington? Are we being used, again, as a pretext to that grand chessboard designed towards the clash of civilization, and eventually a massive depopulation because of the weapons to be used this time will annihilate a huge part of the world.

Now, its very clear that we must take the side of our survival as a nation, united against this overwhelming superiority of big nations, after all they need us badly and we might as well play our cards strategically for our survival. God help us.

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