Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unrestricted Warfare, The Untold Truth

Unrestricted Warfare, The Untold Truth

By Erick San Juan

Gen. Victor N. Corpus just launched a war book entitled America’s Dim Mak Points, Unrestricted Warfare in the 21st Century, showing the sophisticated weaponry that will be used in a future global war just in case it would erupt. It is interesting to note that an earlier book entitled Unrestricted Warfare by Col. Qiao Liang and Col. Wang Xiangsui, was published in February 1999; to prepare China for a future war against the US which they believe would be their worst enemy next time.

In his book, Gen. Corpus gave his readers the eight DIM MAK points where China can bring the US to its knees, namely : vulnerability to electro-information attack, dependency on foreign oil, US dollar vulnerability, diplomatic isolation, geographical military handicap, asymmetric vulnerability, satellite-based military command and control and aircraft carrier battle groups, then in contrast he enumerated (with photos) the advanced weaponry of the US, telling us that the US is prepared for the next war. Actually, this book was written to counterbalance the strategy of mainland China as what was written in the book by Col. Liang and Xiangsui’s Unrestricted Warfare. But I think Gen. Corpus overlooked the fact that America is not telling the truth. Why?

I have a copy of a confidential paper sent to me thru e-mail by an American friend coming from his source from the military industrial complex, stating that the next “unrestricted war” will be using killer lasers and satellites, and the so-called directed energy weapons, just like in the movies, which I see as a “futuristic war”. What is futuristic weapon? It is the “single most transforming weapon in history” like airborne lasers, active denial systems, relay mirrors experiment (RME), solid state laser (SSL), and ray guns. Now, is the world prepared for these weapons?

Another point, the US National Security Agency Director, Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, presented at a hearing in the US Congress in May of this year the following : "Recently, the commander of StratCom delegated to myself under Net-Warfare the responsibility for directing the defense and operations of the [Global Information Grid] as well as our current operations of Net-Warfare so we have all those missions together so we can put the defense and offense together for the good of the department," Alexander tells the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Tuesday at a hearing on DoD cybersecurity. "Now we are looking at the steps…of what we need to put together to ensure our networks are secure and provide us freedom of movement in cyberspace." (Source: Federal News Radio, 050609)

As of this writing, Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, NSA Director, has set up the cyber command post at Fort Meade in Maryland , and reportedly the main link in the so called killer laser and satellite operation for the so called unrestricted warfare preemptive strike.

This is the untold truth. The truth of a looming bigger war of bigger nations and if we don’t unite to help our country, we are headed for a war that is not ours. And worst, it is already unfolding right before our eyes. On how US and China trying to outwit each other in every aspect especially in this part of the region.

Are we going to let them use us for such foolishness of going into that stupid war?


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