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Super Elites Playing War Games with the World by Erick San Juan

Super Elites Playing War Games with the World by Erick San Juan

"The Chinese people would revolt against overt foreign domination, but embrace their place in the NWO if they believed they were in control."

by St. John Bartholomew

This is the introduction of the article that was posted at Truther last February 13, 2012 entitled : Colonial Elite Rules China for the Illuminati. It was first posted at henrymakow.com.
Since then, several other websites and bloggers picked up the article and reposted it. Various comments from readers ranges from skepticism to amazement.

What interest me most is how this article’s revelation affects the ‘cold war’ (word wars) and tension in the disputed areas in the South China Sea. As one of the claimants, we have to be aware of the undercurrents that’s going on in the region. Why is Uncle Sam so persistent that the disputes between China and the claimant countries should be resolved multilaterally?
It was mentioned in the said article that “the fascist superpower we know today was created in the second half of the 20th century by the bogus Cold War dialectic of communism vs. capitalism.”

Will there be a repeat of this scenario today?

Illuminati and NWO

In a nutshell (from various research materials), here is an excerpt from my book, Marcos Legacy Revisited: Raiders of the Lost Gold – "The Illuminati is a secret society founded and established in Ingolstadt, Bavaria by ex-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776." Translated literally, the order’s name means “the enlightened ones,” whose avowed objective is world domination. It is they who decide who will be allowed to run for the offices of President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, Governor-General and all other titles for the leaders of major countries around the world.

“The stage was set in 1898 when Britain and China signed a contract stipulating that Hong Kong would be handed back to the Chinese in 1997. This meant that the fierce Communism of the mainland and laissez faire capitalism of Hong Kong were always destined to merge. The process of unification gave rise to the current China power elite.”

Others believed that all –ism were created by the Illuminati.

This explains how the Illuminati entered the picture.

“Because Communism is an Illuminati creation, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are by definition, Illuminati agents.

Mao was a Soviet agent. (Mao-The Untold Story, Chang & Halliday, p.49.) The CCP implemented policies that set the foundations for an Illuminati super state. They unified the country, attacked traditional Chinese culture, instigated industrialization programs and created a common language.”
The three elements of leadership, according to the article, are the communist leadership, the Hong Kong Tycoons and the criminal Triads.

The Hong Kong Tycoons represent Western economic know-how and the Triads provide the muscle that has allowed the Tycoons to thrive within the larger regional environment of the ChiCom-leveling enterprise.

This is slightly different than what we've envisioned, in that we believed that the great Chinese leader-families were indigenous to Mainland China, but it makes a lot of sense. The great Asian families fled to Hong Kong, allied themselves with the Triads and gradually regrouped and took control. (Source: Will Chinese and Western Elites Bring Down the World? by Anthony Wile, 2/18/12)

According to Anthony Wile, it could be more appropriate to use Western power elite than Illuminati but what comprises the Western power elite anyway?

When one mentions the Illuminati, NWO or New World Order follows, because this is their main goal.

The article of St. John Bartholomew ended with this – “The mainstream media portrays China as hostile to Western power. However, by studying the triumvirate Chinese elite and their intimate ties to the Illuminati, it is clear that modern China is an Illuminati creation.

The Chinese elite must never stray from the NWO agenda, for it follows that if the Illuminati made them, they can break them too.” The design is the same in all four corners of the world.

The program is on. It has long been delayed but can we stop it? The great unleashing is in the works. The Illuminati never changed pattern. It was a self fulfilling prophesy fanned and repeated by many of us. From graft and corruption, blackmail, believing that 'everybody has a price', global economic collapse, arms proliferation, terrorism, famine, pandemic,etc. are all the ingredients of a world war. Despite the threat of nuclear holocaust and a mutually assured destruction, the ruling elite of big powers will let their nation states depopulate and wage small but sophisticated wars. There will be a struggle for survival and survival for the fittest. Those who will survive will be forced to embrace a one world government and religion by the Illuminati through the super elites. God forbid.

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