Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can We Abort the Predicate Layed? By Erick San Juan

Can We Abort the Predicate Layed? By Erick San Juan

Who could have thought that the day will come when most analysts in different fields will compare the United States with China? With the help of the internet, one can easily search from various sites where US and China were being compared – may it be in military, science and technology, infrastructure, education, etc. name it, and the internet have it.

The notion of some countries that China will overtake US in all aspects in the near future is not the scenario for Larry Edelson, for him - the near future is now. In his video/analysis, The Great Betrayal of 2012, Edelson (Weiss Research’s Asia-based analyst) reported that “the Obama administration is CONSPIRING with China’s leaders to destroy the value of every U.S. dollar.” Such accusation was based on some detailed statistics enumerated in the said video.

So many thinks that Uncle Sam will not go to war against China for a huge economic reason, although some pundits say that both countries needed a war to divert some problems within. And so, the bottom line here is – no war, no money? But who will benefit the most?

Not us, for sure. Wittingly, we can be use as a cannon fodder in this game of war if this country’s leadership will not stop kowtowing to a perceived master.
“I am afraid that the scenario of the US coming to the rescue of the Philippines is unrealistic and a non-starter for one very simple and basic reason -- going to war with China or risking a serious rupture in Sino-American relations over the Spratly Archipelago is simply not in the “national interests” of the United States.” This is the view of Benjamin Muego (a visiting professor of Political Science in Ateneo and De La Salle University in Manila).

And if the continuing prodding of Uncle Sam to start the conflict here in our backyard, by creating provocations against China will prevail, our president is really in big trouble. As I always say, if the President will make such false move, all of us will suffer in the process. That is why, in my daily radio program (@DWSS1494khz, 5:30-6pm) and in my writings ( I ask all peace loving Filipinos for their understanding and support to PNoy, he is our current President and whether we like it or not, we have to help him and in doing so, we are actually helping ourselves.

Although there are some evil-minded individuals who really wanted this administration to fail by pushing PNoy to wage war against China. Just recently, there were some foolish decisions by the Palace concerning the tension at the Panatag Shoal. It seems that PNoy was ill-advised and some of us thought that a shooting war was about to happen. Thank God that it was aborted and a few sensible men in PNoy’s loop recommended a better scenario in solving the matter at hand. Unless the President will not heed to some sound unsolicited advise from people who knows better in the field of foreign policy and geostrategy, he will be blamed in the end for some very crucial decisions. Laying the predicate.

Take for example the so-called survey at, wherein PNoy was ranked as the worst president ever! (Hitler at the second place). This is a blatant revelation to justify a scenario that is about to happen (translation – laying the predicate).

It would be a never-ending tension in the disputed areas in the South China Sea if China and all the claimants will not think of peaceful solutions that will make everybody satisfied with whatever decision that is just and will respect every country’s sovereignty.

We hope that PNoy will finish his term unscathed and so is the rest of the nation’s populace. God bless our land.

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