Sunday, February 10, 2013

Painting in the East, Fighting in the West

Painting in the East, Fighting in the West
By Erick San Juan

Spheres of influence and balance of power, two equally significant words that led to two world wars that the present humankind might be wittingly or unwittingly repeating the scenario from several decades ago. Will the black water snake (in Chinese astrology), signifies that the next battleground will take place in the South (or East) China Sea? But ominous or not, the crisis of war is in the offing.

Words and acts of provocation seemed endless coming from China (the so-called bully in the region) and the Philippines (the so-called troublemaker). Since late last year, Beijing through its state-run media has labeled our country’s leaders as the troublemaker. But if one will analyze the turn of events, it was actually Beijing who has been doing acts of aggression. From sending out patrol boats on regular routines on the contested areas, to changing its e-passport, to declaring that all foreign vessels that will pass its ‘territorial waters’ will be inspected. So now, who is making all the troubles?

In so doing, some pundits say that all these bullying around will lead to their planned scenario of going to war in order to unite their citizenry against an outside enemy and avoid a civil war within.
Analysts believe that China's politburo is rushing to neutralize the man-made disaster that their in. China now despite it's control of media, can't hide the truth that it's rocked by so many scandals over officials amassing property holdings inside China and abroad. Too much graft and corruption, where families of the China's super elites are keeping their billions of dollars (translation-dumping their dollars) abroad like in the Philippines where their money are allegedly parked and getting interests but not circulated through the banking system to avoid scrutiny by FATF-financial task force. The continuing poverty in China is real and the growing disparity between the rich and the poor is increasing. This is the reason many analysts, China experts and critics believe is the reason for the Chinese politburo and the PLA- People's Liberation Army's aggressiveness and provocative behavior. They believe that China is painting a rosy and patriotic picture to their citizenry to neutralize the possible unrest from within and blame the US and corrupt officials for their predicament.
Or perhaps, in the words of David Arase of Nanjing University – “Soon after taking power at the 18th Party Congress, Xi Jinping ceremoniously led the new Politburo Standing Committee to view a museum exhibit in Beijing entitled ‘The Road to Renewal.’  It chronicled China’s descent into the ‘century of humiliation’ following the Opium War and, since 1949, its subsequent revival and rise to power under the leadership of the Communist Party. Perhaps this visit was Xi Jinping’s symbolic pledge to the Chinese people to rectify past injustices and return China to the unchallenged primacy it once had in Asia before the arrival of Western imperialism.”

The world cannot blame the new Chinese leader if this is his goal for the Chinese citizenry but he should consider the reality that China is part of a community of nations who wanted peace above all. Maybe the new leader has forgotten the ‘soft power’ approach in achieving his plan.

But there’s no stopping China’s rise to power in the region as shown by its military might that is being projected to its rival – the mighty Uncle Sam, that is the main reason to the endless saber rattling. In order to balance the power in the region against China’s rise, US has to turn (pivot) to the Asia-Pacific region and establish its sphere of influence once again with its allies.

Unfortunately this move by the 'big brother'  was welcomed with open legs by our present administration not thinking much of the consequences that it will bring to his ‘boss’, the Filipino people.

Our country has been getting all the bullying from China while Uncle Sam’s doublespeak has becoming more and more irritating- that they want a peaceful resolution to the territorial disputes.  Although its actions like the present Cope North is actually to show Beijing that American influence in the region is still intact and growing strong a.k.a. containment of China.

Again, like a broken record, PNoy and people in his loop should be wary and come up with a strategic plan if ever any eventualities will erupt in the region or the scenario cited by will be a reality and millions of Filipinos will possibly die.

With predicate already laid, while our country’s leaders and politicians are already in the election mode, we are being raped with consent by the superpowers. This country will end up as Phili-finished if we will not get our act together. Most of our neighbors are preparing for war. What about us? Who's minding the store?

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