Sunday, February 17, 2013

Satan's Timetable

Satan's Timetable
By Erick San Juan

Catholics and non-Catholics alike were surprised by the news of the resignation of the current head of the Vatican – Pope Benedict XVI a.k.a. Joseph Ratzinger of Germany at the age of 85.

Here is how it happened: “Monsignor Oscar Sanchez Barba from Guadalajara in Mexico, while in Rome for the announcement of the date for the canonization of the Blessed Lupita Garcia, and a nun who gave an eye-witness account of Pope Benedict’s announcement of his resignation said: "We were all in the Sala del Concistorio in the third loggia of the Apostolic palace. After giving the date for the canonization, the 12th of May, the pope took a sheet of paper and read from it. He just said that he was resigning and that he would be finishing on February 28." "We were all left … [he tailed off, lost for words] The cardinals were just looking at one another. Then the pope got to his feet, gave his benediction and left. It was so simple; the simplest thing imaginable. Extraordinary. Nobody expected it. Then we all left in silence. There was absolute silence … and sadness.” (

And the storm that hit the Vatican City with a few strikes of lightning on the day of the Pope’s resignation is like a scene from a film. Is it something tragic or ominous on the future of the Catholic Church and the rest of humanity?

Ominous or not, the mere fact that the Church hierarchy has been bombarded with scandal after scandal, from the VatiLeaks, Vatican funds secretly invested with the military industrial complex, other bad investments that lead to bankcruptcy, crimes against humanity and sexual abuses. Was the Pope already exhausted from all these and had to leave his post?

The internet has been loaded with several speculations as to the real reason of the Pope’s resignation. As an observer of events unfolding, I discussed this matter several times in my daily radio program (@DWSS 1494khz AM, Mon to Fri @ 5:30p.m.) and on tv guesting at GNN since last year through the corroboration of our staunch listeners and televiewers from all these years. Too much speculations which are half-truths but the truth of the matter is, Satan’s timetable to get the control from his lackeys has come.

Yes, the real third secret of Fatima which a copy was given to me in Econe, Switzerland by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is happening. Some of the people in the Roman Catholic Church leadership has withdrawn these facts from the faithful and now they are suffering from the consequences. Like a fresh meat, parasites have been eating the flesh slowly from within and the fact that it was ignored to the benefit of the few. Now they cannot stop the deterioration any longer. The forced resignation of Joseph Ratzinger is actually paving the way to what was prophesized – the coming of the False Prophet and the AntiChrist.

The successor to the Holy See as what was predicted will take the name of Petrus Romanus and/or Peter the Roman. A few names were already given as to who will take the throne from Benedict XVI. But as what the information that we gathered has stated from here and abroad, the next Pope will be a Jesuit  but not our very own Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle and probably from the United States – Cardinal Timothy Dolan from New York City. Remember, that the College of Cardinals is now being dominated by the Jesuits and it is not far out to have a Jesuit as the next Pope. Dolan is using the quote "Ad quem ibimus." meaning- "To whom shall we go?" in his Coat of Arms. This was the same quote of St. Peter in Acts. This is the reason why he will be named Petrus Rumanus according to his biography. The Knights of Malta and other secret organizations inside the Vatican will support Dolan.

The signs of the times are written for all of us to see, it is scary but the world still has time to pray and repent. As we enter the Lenten Season, let us reflect and be reminded of the sufferings of Jesus Christ and in the end triumphant to his Resurrection.

 May Lord God bless us all through the Holy Spirit!


Anonymous said...

Time is running out I guess we just have to live our lives to the what they said in the end it doesnt even matter..we cannot stop what has been written which they too were the scribes..:) why do we have to fear death anyway..its just a transformation which they do not reveal to us..they have been instilling fear to us time immemorial..but the truth of the matter is..we don't have to live in fear let's experience everything..this is why were here for anyways..they have been poisoning us..from foods to water we take..wars haarp all these things we can't escape..

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