Sunday, August 11, 2013

Global Terror Threat and Fear Mongering, Who Benefits?

Global Terror Threat and Fear Mongering, Who Benefits?
By Erick San Juan
Like a spinoff from the past, as in Déjà vu (from French, literally "already seen"), the world is currently experiencing an event that has been already 'sold' worldwide in the days of the "Dubya" Bush era and his band of chicken hawks. The post 9-11 scenario and the resurrection of the bogeyman Osama bin-laden of the famous Al-Qaeda terrorist group is being concocted to come up with another strategy of fear in the process.
So even in his grave, Osama bin-laden’s Al-Qaeda group is working overtime to sow fear and post a very crucial threat to Uncle Sam’s homeland. So, the alleged justification of the global warning of a possible terror attack against the United States embassies and consulates.
But the truth of the matter is, if we are going to trace back the previous statements from the White House – “the Obama administration dramatically refute its own oft-heard claims that al Qaeda is no longer a force to reckoned with, because it has lost its compact central command and control of its component branches, which have split up into regional franchises operating autonomously. Al Qaeda, they have been saying, is no longer capable of large-scale terrorist attacks on a global scale.”
That could be the reason why the unexplained potential threat from a terrorist group like al-Qaeda can be used as a prelude to another 9-11 script as what observers worldwide are saying. Another false flag operation? Are the spin masters preparing the guns of August scenario? And if that is the plan, who will benefit?
Quite obvious that in the midst of problems confronting the Obama administration, it is believed that all they can think of is an unexplained terror threat despite the fact that the mighty US has all the latest technology to detect any possible ‘attack’, if there is any. The netizens are coming up with numerous cases of how the Obama administration is trying to gag the citizens of the internet worldwide just to cover up their failed governance.
Same holds true for the country, the recent series of bombings in the south is perceived as a masterpiece for something else. But this time, as what was emphasized in Jojo Robles’ column at the Manila Standard the other day, Diversionary’ – “the bombing in Cotabato City, which killed at least eight persons this week, had been predicted not by the police or any of warring political factions in that city, but by “Anonymous,” the blogger (or bloggers) who detailed the wealth-generating prowess of businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles. Yes, Anonymous’ compelling story about how Napoles got rich through “conversion” of military funds and, later, the use of bogus non-government organizations to kick back pork barrel monies to greedy lawmakers, included warnings that diversionary propaganda tactics like bombings would be used to distract a populace that was getting angrier each day over the scandal involving the high-flying former military wife.”
Possibly, it is another red herring to fool the nation’s populace but the important question remains – who benefits?
The present administration will not act fast and apprehend the culprits, it cannot escape the rumored possible link of his office or the people in his loop to be part of the red herring going on in the south. Speculations will go on until PNoy will come to his senses that the people in his inner circle are the same people that is pulling his administration down through mischiefs and greediness by thick-faced government officials. It already destroyed our tourism industry and economy.
His slogan ‘kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap’ will remain a campaign slogan as poor and hungry Filipinos are on the rise despite the fact that Dinky Soliman’s CCT and PPP is getting additional budget amidst the call for transparency on how this budget is actually being used for the poor or for the favored few beneficiaries of the ‘secretary’.
Whether recycled terrorists or terrorists in the government, this overstretched strategy of fear will no longer be buyable as we Pinoys are gradually becoming conscious each passing day and thanks to the internet, leaders who are not working for the common good will always fail. Watch out and learn from history, so as not to repeat the failures of past leaders.
Transparency and accountability are the two simple things that citizens are asking from their government because they will benefit more and not just the favored few.
Let us continue our vigilance!

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