Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter to the editor: Rejoinder at Phil. Daily Inquirer re: Code NGO

I can’t help noticing a news report by Tina Arceo-Dumlao entitled “NGO group says pork barrel scam gives them a bad name” (PDI 8/22/2013) and this said NGO group is the Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO) of the infamous PEACE Bonds (PEACe Bonds are Poverty Eradication and Alleviation Certificates Bonds) of 2001.
Of all NGOs why in the world that this CODE-NGO be the first to say that the recent pork barrel scam gives them a bad name? What bad name? Was the so-called PEACe Bonds scandal, more than a decade ago, involving their coalition of NGOs did not create a bad reputation for them already? Or is this move of coming out with a position paper given to the DBM and to both Houses of Congress is to preempt the possibility of losing their share in the now stinking ‘pork’ barrel?
Actually there are several honest to goodness NGOs and other so-called civil society groups who are really working to help the poor. But in the case of the CODE-NGO with its PEACe Bonds scandal then, was there any improvement for ten years, in the lives of the poor Filipinos? The ‘bonds’ was supposed to go to poverty eradication and alleviation programs by their group through government partnership, right? Or the mincing of words only covers the real intention of the ‘deal’. What made this transaction anomalous by the CODE-NGO back in 2001 was the composition of the people that made the operation went swiftly, through their connection with the Secretary of the  Department of Finance then, all other steps in granting the bonds to CODE-NGO went smoothly as planned. Some of the shady cast of characters that made the deal with the Arroyo government then are still present in the current PNoy administration. SO we can say, what else is new in the midst of this pork barrel scam, again shady NGOs are involved with the blessing of politicians in all levels of the government hierarchy, from top to bottom.
Sadly, with the cohorts conniving with the corrupt politicians, we will never ever eradicate nor alleviate the lives of the poor of this country. So, please, shut the f$@k up with this charade of putting your name in a bad light, the fact is you did not have the good name to start with. Why not give back what your group stole from the country’s coffers so you can restore your good name.
 Erick San Juan

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