Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Fuse is Burning by Erick San Juan

As the anniversary of the outbreak of World War I approaches, the world today bears a chilling similarity to one hundred years ago. Then, amid a deepening crisis of world capitalism, the major powers were engaged in a high stakes game of diplomatic intrigue, provocation and military intervention that produced one “war scare” after another. (Source: Japanese PM Revives Militarist Traditions. “Japan Closely Integrated into US War Preparations against China” by Peter Symonds)

As an observer of events, I have been telling my listeners that the present world is actually experiencing the same events that led to the First World War (and the second World War). And I am not alone in this view, taken from the interview of Rob Kirby by Greg Hunter's show 'USA Watchdog', he said that “Isn’t it interesting that the timing, we see the war drums are getting louder and louder as the financial system getting weaker and weaker and ever close to a blow up and along with the installation of a police state in America.”
We are not trying to spoil the spirit of the season as we close the year towards 2014 but whether we like it or not, the world is set for another war in the offing. "When China stops getting the amount of gold that they need or want, and that might be when we have a war.”, Kirby added Because isn’t it interesting as China romps the amount of gold that they been consuming and getting shipped to them, we hear rumblings in the background all over the place about calls from the military or the specter of the military engagements whether it’s between Japan and China or whether it’s in the Middle East, in Syria. When the gold stops flowing to China, that’s when somebody is gonna bang the gun. (Rob Kirby, financial analyst)

This is the gloomy analysis of Rob Kirby of the current situation. This is also the reason why mankind is experiencing reports everywhere of an impending war. The signs are written on the wall for everybody to see and be warned. Now the question is how long can this go on? Rob Kirby replied – “There is a universal constant in economics and always has been like rivers flow from mountain tops to the sea. Physical gold has always flown from countries with balance of trade deficits to countries with balance of trade surpluses. Whether or not there is an official gold standard because there has not always been an official gold standard going back hundreds and hundreds of years.

The amount of physical gold in the world is a finite number and the amount that China has been procuring and been consuming over the last number of months and years is not sustainable. We could run out of gold, that is a given and that is  absolutely a fact.”That is the scariest part when the West (where China is getting its gold) runs out of gold, what will happen now?

“We know factually because its reported even in our brain-dead mainstream media that Chinese appetite for physical gold is insatiable and we know because we have had data that physical gold is being shipped at breakneck phase. So when is the West have none? When is the cupboard bare?”Kirby see it coming sooner than later, it could be at the early part of the first quarter of the New Year (at the most) because “the reality is, we have an ever shortening fuse that is lit connected to an ever growing pile of explosives. So how long is the fuse and how big is the pile of explosives when it goes?”

The confluence of events are happening concurrently, signs of an impending war, when triggered with just a single spark could blow the fuse towards a global war.

Be ever vigilant new year to all!

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