Monday, March 10, 2014

Patriotic Shift by Erick San Juan

Malacanang said on Thursday (March 6) that it would not allow the Philippines to be shortchanged in the framework access agreement that it is negotiating with the United States.

Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Sonny Coloma said the country has already learned its lesson from the Visiting Forces Agreement, which has been described by critics as lopsided.

“It is only proper that both sides - especially us - address past challenges. We cannot allow that we will be shortchanged,” Coloma said. (Manila Standard Today 3/7/2014)

At last, after years of writing and broadcasting our advocacy of helping the country not to take another false move regarding agreement/treaty, we are finally vindicated. At least our ‘lingo’ shortchanged is now being used when it comes to our relationship with Uncle Sam. This time around the statement from the Palace pertains to the ongoing negotiation on the access agreement through the Bilateral Strategic Dialogue in Washington.

I have consistently been writing and talking (through my several speaking engagements, tv guesting and in my daily radio program at DWSS1494khz) about learning our lessons from history so that we will not repeat the same mistakes as our past leaders did. True enough after our long years of ‘cooperation’ with the US, still we have been shortchanged. But for whatever its worth, the present administration must now be commended by standing firm on the salient provisions on this new access agreement so that we will not find ourselves on the losing end again.

“But our guidance to our team is this: there will be no repetition of the mistake in the Visiting Forces Agreement. The provisions should always be in accordance with the Constitution, and not violative. And we should also be sensitive to the concerns of our people,” Gazmin added. (Ibid)

I hope and pray, together with our fellow Filipinos, that these words of DND Sec. Voltaire Gazmin will really be the guidance in all our undertakings with Washington as well as with other nations. It is only by this that any leader can show their concern for the country and for future generations.

Like what I usually remind our readers (and listeners) that we are not against the Americans and in fact there are a lot of patriotic Americans who are helping us through their information via email which we appreciate a lot. They are also victims of bad leadership dictated by the super elites who are really behind in screwing the poor Americans of their hard-earned money. Now they are also suffering from job loss, less healthcare benefits and even their homes are taken from them by wrong government policies.
Veteran news analyst-editor and nationalist Ka Maning Almario emailed me the other day, reminding me of his essay way back in 1977 about what is good and bad about the the U.S. which The Focus-a leading national magazine under martial law featured. He said that the US revolution is a landmark in the human struggle for democracy. But from nationalism, it turned into imperialism. Among it's earliest victims was the Philippines. In the 20th century up to the present. It bullied militarily and economically weaker countries like RP for control of our resources and markets. He added that today, millions of innocent folks have been casualties of US weapons of mass destruction as the US continue to intervene in other countries affairs in pursuit of it's imperial interests. We must reject and with our puny strength, fight US imperialism while recognizing and welcoming original American principles of justice and the right to self determination.
We are facing very exciting times of possible global war and we are witnessing the escalation of movements to outdone the military might of every country that poses threat to their supremacy. And in the midst of all of these, as a small country but with very strategic advantage in location in this region, we have to play our cards well. It would be very crucial that PNoy should have people in his loop who will have expertise in geostrategy that can guide him in making moves so as not to put the nation in the crosshairs, especially with China.

Now with the forthcoming visit of President Barack Obama, there is no stopping their plan of re-establishing their former bases here as their ‘temporary’ place for more American troops, aircraft and ships. What our negotiating panel’s crucial role now is to assure the whole Filipino nation that we will get what is due us in this agreement and maybe to add more incentives like visa-free access in entering the American soil and let us not forget our veterans who are still not well compensated for their important role in the last world war. And possibly an automatic support and retaliation approve by the US Congress in case of aggression.

Let us remain vigilant and support this administration for the common good.

 God bless the Filipino people!

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