Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What Went Wrong? By Erick San Juan

What Went Wrong? By Erick San Juan 

The brewing tension in Central Asia, particularly in Ukraine has put Washington in the limelight again with NATO not far behind in this another ‘neo-Nazi’ operation as what Mike Billington of the Executive Intelligence Review share the statement of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with statements made by the U.S. Secretary of State about the situation in Ukraine : “We consider the threats against Russia , made in a series of public statements by Secretary of State John Kerry in connection with the latest events in Ukraine and Crimea , to be unacceptable. Without bothering to study and comprehend the complex processes taking place in Ukrainian society and make an objective evaluation of the situation, which continues to deteriorate after the forcible seizure of power in Kiev by radical extremists, the Secretary of State is using Cold War cliches, proposing to 'punish' the Russian Federation rather than those who organized the coup d’état."

"At the same time, nothing is said about the fact that it was the USA and its allies, who closed their eyes to the rampages of the Maidan guerrillas, their abuses against their political opponents and ordinary citizens, their militant Russo-phobia and anti-Semitism, and their desecration of the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Washington has likewise ignored the fact that the newly emerged Kiev regime has flouted the February 21 agreement, to which the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland had affixed their signatures, and has formed a 'government of the victors,' in effect declaring war on the Russian language and everything associated with Russia. Now the West has overt neo-Nazis, who have smashed up Orthodox churches and synagogues, as its allies."

"Russia’s position has been and remains consistent and open. While for some Western politicians, Ukraine is merely a geopolitical playing field. For us this is a fraternal nation, with which we are bound together by our centuries-long common history."

"Russia is interested in a stable and strong Ukraine , where  the legitimate rights and interests of Ukrainians, of our compatriots, and of all citizens are ensured. In the extraordinary situation that has come about, though no fault of ours, when the life and safety of the residents of Crimea and the southeast regions are under a real threat because of the irresponsible and pro-vocational actions of the followers of Bandera and other ultra-nationalist elements, the measures we are taking are appropriate and absolutely legal. We advocate the speediest possible return of the situation in Ukraine to normalcy, based on the Feb. 21 agreement, including the formation of a legitimate government of national unity, taking into account the interests of all political forces and regions of the country.”

But  it depends on whose meddling. Brendan O'Neill in his blog said-"The word 'meddling' is used to describe Russian President Vladimir Putin's intervention in Ukraine, but never to describe Germany's Angela Merkel or State Sec. John Kerry's cultivation of the oppositional forces-that is 'mediation'.

Jim Willie-a popular American economic analyst in his latest report:'Consequences of Ukraine Episode' explained that Russian President Putin will slam the west by demanding gold payment instead of cash currency for Gazprom gas supplied to Europe. Russian Gazprom has been attacked in Cyprus, in Syria and now in Ukraine. The Russian currency Rubble is allegedly been attacked by the Wall Street.

The Global Network(3/3/14) narrated that the 'oil'-igarchy wants to get hold of the natural gas( the world's largest supply) that sits on Russian territory. It also wants full control of the Arctic region to drill oil. Russia reportedly has a huge northern coastal border with the arctic and thus stands in the way of western oil control. Global Network cautioned the US-NATO that they might be messing with a country that has the capability to fight back. It concluded that this is how world wars get started.
The ongoing crisis in Ukraine, if not handled well can actually escalate into another regional war and might lead to a global war using thermonuclear weapons. Some might say that this will not reach the other side of the continent, in Asia-Pacific, wrong. The mere fact that Uncle Sam has re-established in the recent past its presence in the region in its ‘famous pivot to Asia’, countries here has to expect more than friendly persuasion in the guise of several rhetoric and doublespeak to win the hearts of the Asian leaders. We are actually part of the virtual coalition of the willing through Washington’s soft touch operation by helping nation-states in modernizing its armed forces but at the proper time we could possibly all be drag to their choice of war arena, in this case – the Central Asia.

On the other hand, since the so-called return to Asia-Pacific by the U.S., we have observed a lot of word wars and saber-rattling between Washington and Beijing. As we watch the developments on what could be another brewing conflict in the China Sea (both South and East), our nation is being groomed as its possible pawn in Uncle Sam’s grand war game.

The forthcoming visit of President Obama in the country will actually seal the ‘access agreement’ which was not been signed yet because of the provision on the right of our government to enter the ‘US premises’ (where they will install their military personnel and hardware) from time to time for inspection. Could it be possible that this ‘hurdle’ in finalizing the said agreement can be resolved only by US Pres. Obama in his visit next month? Then presto, the ghost of the past American bases will once again haunt us and in the process we will be used as cannon fodders, again. We really never learn. History has given us the lessons and proved that in the end if we're not vigilant, we will be shortchanged because of our colonial mentality.

May it be in Central Asia and/or in Asia Pacific, some pundits believe that Obama's foreign policy may deem international politics to be a "space open for dialogue", but the rest of the world still considers international politics to be a "struggle for power" and reacts sensitively to the US' "non-exercise" of its power. No matter how much it advocates for "active involvement", the Obama administration will be unable to dispel this image of a "non-involved America" as long as this perception gap exists. We are now witnessing the creation of a type of power vacuum in international politics as well as an increase in instability as a result. (US creates a power vacuum in Asia by Nakayama Toshihiro)

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