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Fingerpointing:Which is Which by Erick San Juan

  Fingerpointing:Which is Which by Erick San Juan

While watching TV last week, CNN reported that another Malaysian Airlines plane crashed. I was puzzled and kept on thinking as to what bad luck struck the Malaysian Airlines that it's planes would end up in tragedy. Both MH370, the jet that disappeared at the Indian Ocean vicinity and the MH17 are Boeing 777. But talking through experience, as a frequent flier, I believe that the Boeing 777 is the most safest and comfortable plane being used by international airlines.

What went wrong? It's unusual that both the local and international media were used for attack and counter propaganda. The blame game started the same night after the crash. A word war ensued between the Ukraine and the separatists kicked off immediately.

Of course, the Filipino people condemned the carnage in the strongest manner. At the Manila Bulletin headline on July 20,2014, it says: Obama blames Russia. Separatists would not be capable of carrying attack without Moscow's support. Basically, all the banner headlines of several broadsheets have the same tone.  But the internet news analysis, opinions and bloggers are saying a different thing. Are the Americans and Russians being set up to clash and create a global chaos?

It's quite amazing that some people in the vicinity of the crash site recorded a video so soon and after the crash. Ukraine accused Russia  and it's pro-Moscow rebels of destroying evidence from the wreckage and shotdown the passenger jet with a missile. But an American blogger, Tom A. sent me a You tube video (July19,2014), showing that Ukraine was caught trying to 'frame Russia' for shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The Ukraine government supported a You Tube clip that they say proved Russia had involvement and that the rebels shot down the said plane. However, due to their sloppy work,  the Ukraine's have been caught in video lying. They have reportedly  tried deleting the You Tube file, but not before it was down loaded over 800 times.  As of this writing July 23, CNN TV News confirmed that the two Ukraine fighter jets tailing the strayed Malaysian plane were both shot down near the crash site. Who did? article said that an eyewitness account last July 18,2014 confirmed that a Spanish air controller working at Kiev Borispol Airport suggested in a private evaluation and basing it on military sources in Kiev, that the Ukrainian military was behind the shoot down. Radar records were immediately confiscated after it became clear that a commercial plane was shot down. Radar screen shots also showed an unexplained change of course of the said jet. The change of course took the jet directly over the eastern Ukraine war zone. Agence France Presse reported the fingerpointing, saying  that the western media to blame the self-defense forces of the Peoples Republic of Donetsk for bringing the plane down. The claim were denied by the representatives of PRD, saying that it's the Ukrainian military which destroyed the aircraft. Even IHS Jane's Defence analyst, Nick de Larrinaga shared the belief that the forces of PRD lack the capability to bring the Malaysian jet down. It was seconded by Retired Brig. Gen.  Kevin Ryan, the director of the Defense and Intelligence project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, that the self defense forces could not have used 'Buk' surface to air missile system to down the said plane.

While the blame game continue to unravel, Jim Stone, a blogger and a freelance reporter made a compelling revelation and analysis that the airplane shot down over the Ukraine was actually the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 and not MH 17. While Yoichi Shimatsu, an investigative reporter, a science and technology journalist based in Hongkong and former editor of Japan Times weekly in Tokyo, now writing for, made a very powerful accusation that flight MH 17 was in fact a bioweapon, intended to be used in Malaysia. This is reportedly a payback by the Israelis for the acidic and uncomplimentary comments of former Prime Minister Mahathir and creating an international war crimes tribunal in Kuala Lumpur.

Shimatsu narrated that one must dare to think the unthinkable because the early evidences from the crash sites indicated a hellish scenario beyond imagining. Besides, the nearly 300 passengers aboard the ill-fated Malaysian jet, the plane's cargo bay was loaded with dozens of infected corpses drained of their blood and countless packets of possibly virus contaminated blood serum. The report allegedly came from the local eyewitnesses near the crash site in the Donetsk region along Ukraine-Russian border. He added that the gruesome finding points irrefutably to Malthusian skullduggery at the highest level of who is sponsoring a covert biological warfare program against the population of Asia. A systematic investigation is now required to uncover the deadliest plot against humanity. Yoichi believe that there could be a cover up to protect the globalist elite from scrutiny, legal prosecution and justice. According to Yoichi, the blatant violation of international laws for transporting infectious agents indicate a criminal intent in their use at destination. The IATA and the World Health Organization failed in monitoring and imposing tight rules for physical transfer of corpses and infectious substance which could be used for biowarfare. Dead passengers of the plane included some 100 top virus researchers and staff members. Rebel commander, Igor Girson aka Strelkov, (was quoted by Associated Press), reported that local villagers who rushed to the crash scene found a "significant number of the dead bodies found weren't fresh" and reeked of decomposition.  Shimatsu and Stone both believed that the corpses can be nothing other than carriers of infectious disease and threat to public health for millions of people of Ukraine and nearby countries even as far as Greece.

The MH17 crash in Ukraine could have been described as the start of a real World War Z, the movie. The WHO was allegedly shipping it's 'zombie' passengers for a criminal purpose, possibly genocide on a wide scale. The nightmare arose from one of the busiest airports of Europe and one controlled by ITCS, a security company allegedly linked with the Israeli Mossad. Yoichi said that the Netherlands, the origin of Malaysian flight 17, is the center for the engineering of weaponized viruses under Ron Fouchier, the research associate of the notorious Japanese influenza expert Yoshihiro Kawaoka. The flu research center at Eramus Medical University in Rotterdam is the sister laboratory of Kawaoka's Institute of Infectious Virus Research at the University of Wisconsin, USA. The deadly duo's research include the 'perfection' of a Spanish flu virus that killed 20 million people worldwide in the 1918-19 and the variant of the avian flu virus. They are also developing an antidote available only to the 'chosen few' ( just like another movie, Mission Impossible of Tom Cruise).

Yoichi clarified that the threat of 'World War Z' is not over yet, not when Ukrainians and Russians are being exposed to the unleashed viruses that defy inoculation with vaccines. By the time the clean up is finished, Eastern Ukraine could end up as uninhabited as the Central Congo after WHO teams eliminated all potential carriers of Ebola. This summer, another brazen biowarfare attack was allegedly within razor's edge of exterminating Malaysians and possibly millions of other Asians. War on a global scale is no longer  fought in trenches, but waged in laboratories, airports, city centers, hospitals, senior homes and schools. It is not called TOTAL WAR, it is simply known as GLOBAL POLICY.                        

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