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The Super Elite: The Good and the Bad Side by Erick San Juan

 The Super Elite: The Good and the Bad Side by Erick San Juan

While sipping a cup of coffee at a cozy restaurant in Greenhills to while away typhoon Glenda, I was given a book by a friend entitled "The Bilderberg Conspiracy" by H. Paul Jeffers. When I returned home, I went to my library to check a book  that I bought in one of my travels which could be similar to my new book. It's the "Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making by David Rothkopf.

Jeffers book narrated the conspiracy of the super elites while Rothkopf talked about power concentrated in the hands of a remarkably small number of people around the globe. "It is about who they are, how they compare to the elites of the past and how they differ from the rest of us. Most of all, it is about the profound impact this super elite group has on our lives and how it is shaping our times."

"The most ancient source of power is the ability to project violent force. Some of the most influential among us commonly mask their power or use of it infrequently. Only a very few people have the sort of international power. Many of those we are accustomed to thinking of as powerful actually have very limited impact in a global sense. They are figures of only local or national importance." Rothkopf added.

I can cite several examples in the local scene. The late President Ferdinand Marcos was perceived as a very powerful leader but he defied the agenda of the 'superclass'. He was exiled and died in vain in Hawaii. The ongoing incarceration of our opposition-politicians which many thought was due to the vindictiveness of the president not knowing that it was also the imposition of the global elite organization to punish the corrupt and defiant politicians. It will reportedly level the playing fields to appease the restiveness of the masses and the middle class. It is not only the corrupt officials from the opposition that will allegedly be jailed but also from the current administration allies. It is just a process of elimination. Step by step, a matter of time. Even PNoy wondered why the Supreme Court despite his appointed justices voted 13-0 regarding the DAP issue. I will elaborate it in my future article. "Big brother is watching you!" That is now the name of the 'game'.

At a recent meeting of the Bilderberg in Davos, Switzerland, I was informed that this group was worried about the ongoing global corruption that must be averted because it threatened the collapse of not only nation-states economy but of the entire global financial structure. To defuse such man-made calamity, the financial institutions like the IMF, World Bank, BIS and affiliates swiftly acted through their  covert regulators like the 'EMERGE', FATF, IIR, etc. and instructed their 'assets' in each government to pinpoint the culprits, file charges and teach them not to mess with the 'system'.

Even the CNN TV report of Richard Quest (July 12,2014), the billionaires attacked the inequality going on worldwide. Quest added that a drag on economic growth could cause revolution.

The super elites are movers and shakers. Rothkopf explained that this 'superclass' has the ability to influence the lives of millions of people worldwide. Heads of state, CEO's of world's largest companies including the military industrial complex, billionaires involved in investments, technology, oil potentates, hedge fund managers, private equity investors, top military commanders, religious leaders, writers and media moguls, scientists, artists, even terrorist leaders and master criminals disguised as big businessmen meet the above criteria for membership.

"But power is transient. Many members of the superclass qualify because of jobs they hold, but people come and go from such jobs. Some retire, some die. Others suffer financial or professional calamities. Some are deposed, others are incarcerated. Disparities are indictment of our civilization and they are threat to it's stability.", Rothkopf concluded. This is the reason why the 'superclass' integrated themselves into several international organizations-civic, business, religious, etc. Conspiracy theorists believe that these super elites are responsible in choosing world leaders like US presidents including Barack Obama despite his color, the rise of Margaret Thatcher and toppling her for trying to keep the UK out of the EU and Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister.
The alleged secret goal of the 'superclass' is to abolish national sovereignty, the creation of a global monetary system and the establishment of a world government.

"The fate of a nation and the world is largely decided by Bilderberg.", said Jonathan Duffy of the BBC(British Broadcasting Corp.) in it's Online Magazine in 2004.

Observers believe that the ongoing regional integration in Asia in 2015 is a modification of the European Union that led to the disintegration of USSR in the early 90's. In 2015, It could also make or break China.

Is the Bilderberg a secret organization with a good intention? Financial Times journalist Martin Wolf commented that there's no secrecy in it but more of privacy. He added that it's not an executive body and no decisions taken in the meeting. In the 50's, Denis Healey, a former British Labour Party official, was one of the four founding members of the Bilderberg. He said that it was formed in the spirit of post World War2 trans-atlantic cooperation and the idea behind Bilderberg was that future wars could be prevented by bringing power brokers together in an informal setting away from the prying eyes.

This is the reported reason why the 'Group' after their meetings, it issued no policy statement and held no press conference.

You be the judge!!!

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