Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Climate Change Myth by Erick San Juan

Climate Change Myth by Erick San Juan

Nearly 150 world leaders gathered in Paris, France for COP21 – Conference of the Parties on its 21st year since it started in April 1995 in Berlin, Germany. World leaders and thousands of delegates including Philippine president BS Aquino III will talk about climate change, carbon emissions and greenhouse effects for almost two weeks, reports said.

There is nothing worthy to talk about this year’s climate change summit except the venue. Unfortunately, COP21 pushed through even after the terror attack that sent fear throughout France and some other key cities of the world.

World leaders showed solidarity with France and went on with COP21. But still the perennial question is (after two decades), what are the accomplishments of COP21?

Annually, more people are getting skeptical about this climate change summit, the perception is it’s all diplomatic rhetoric. There was a time that evidence of tampered data regarding global warming was exposed. Connivance of the so-called scientists were put into the limelight due to false entries of data in order to make the world believe that there is global warming happening.

Another strategy of fear? So, why spend so much time and money in this so-called meeting when there are more pressing problems confronting the world? Why spend just to allegedly fool the world and come out with story-telling a lie that the icebergs are melting fast and polar bears are dying?

Pundits believe that the United Nations should stop this foolishness and face the truth that what is happening at this conference are all lies and a big BS!

The big question always centered on the carbon emissions by countries especially the big ones like China and the US. No one can measure exactly how much reduction in greenhouse gases that each nation has recorded. It’s like nuclear arms, not one country will report the exact number of nuclear heads they have.

“Other countries have submitted their own hollow commitments to the U.N. as well. Russia based its emission reduction goals on outdated numbers that allow the country to increase its emission over the next decade. China, the world's biggest carbon dioxide emitter, which accounts for 30% of the world's emissions now and 50% of estimated growth by 2030, will only commit to emissions peaking about 15 years from now -- and won't even say what that peak will be. India's willingness to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is contingent on developed countries' funding.  According to India, all it needs is about $2.5 trillion for its plan, with an off-ramp in the event it interferes with economic growth.

Basic requirements, such as measuring, verifying, and reporting a country's emissions, are also problematic. The Chinese government was recently exposed as having under reported the amount of coal it burns and failing to account for more than a billion tons of carbon dioxide.

These realities are a mere reflection of the fact that -- diplomatic rhetoric aside -- no nation will ever prioritize emission reduction promises over poverty eradication and economic growth.” (Beware of empty climate promises by Jim Inhofe, Nov. 30, 2015)

The UN together with its members are talking about this for two decades already and why are there no concrete solutions to this so-called climate change? The truth of the matter is – this world body is not addressing the real culprit of this problem they are talking about. Yes it is man-made, not the carbon emissions but the weather engineering or weather modification through chemtrails.

This is not new and not confidential because through the internet, one can find a lot of materials and data which shows how weather manipulation (engineering) can alter the world’s storms, snow, heat and other weather disturbances.

And one would wonder why tamper with nature? Why science and technology will go as far as this tinkering with Mother Nature? It is all because these evil-minded scientists backed by the globalists agenda to depopulate the world and murder what they call ‘useless eaters’.

Not one COP summit or UN-sponsored meeting addressed the issue on weather engineering and how one can actually alter the earth’s atmosphere just to create disastrous hurricane, super typhoons and even earthquakes.

Until world leaders recognize this depopulation tool to eliminate large number of the world’s population, all their efforts would be in vain.

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