Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wake up Chinoys by Erick San Juan

Wake up Chinoys by Erick San Juan

Talking about the simmering tension in the disputed area in the South China Sea, Doug Bandow, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and a former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan wrote – “The possibility of miscalculation and misjudgement makes it even more important that all participants step back from confrontation. China cares deeply about sovereignty; Beijing’s adversaries believe the U.S. has their back; Washington would not tolerate an attack on its forces. No one wants to look weak. The fuse to war may be long, but no one should risk lighting it.”

Although the possibility of an event that can trigger the war in the South China Sea is getting stronger and for some, ‘lighting the fuse’ could be the only way to ‘solve’ their internal and economic problems.

Last year revealed signs of the imminent financial collapse that even China was hit and also the US, it is a global economic collapse. But as usual, like in China they will not open the books, so to speak for the world to see that their economy is also suffering. Both Washington and Beijing have to find an excuse to unite their citizenry against an outside enemy and one obvious reason is the return of the global war on terror (GWOT).

Conveniently revived under the strategy of fear and countries have to impose rules and form alliances against a common enemy, the minions of the late Osama bin Laden and his AL-Qaeda terror network which evolved into a new name and chief like the ISIS, ISIL and Baghdadi as the new Bin Laden.

But the perennial issue in this side of the globe which concerns disputed territories in the East and South China Sea is another story. China’s bullying over the other claimants in the SCS is getting stronger through the completion of China’s reclamation in the contested areas.

War strategists believe that to start a war in the SCS region is worth the risk especially when the stake is very high. It is about time that we should gather our act together and confront the problem before it’s too late.

Through this article we are calling the attention of our local Chinoys. We want to hear your voices. It’s payback time. Are you with us or against us? We are now being bullied by Beijing. If you are being told that you are all safe if China will take over, you’re wrong. With the large population in China, you could be part of the collateral damage.

There’s a big difference between the time of the Japanese takeover during World War II and China’s plan of creeping invasion without firing a single shot. I was told by a Chinese close friend that the Filipinos are too complacent and mostly co-opted by the soft touch operation of the pro- Beijing ethnic Chinese who metamorphosed into big business and big time under world operators. He added that basically they control many of our politicians, judiciary, religious organization, government functionaries including scalawags in uniform.

Today, almost all our major industries, facilities in power (electricity), some transportation and telecommunications are dominated by the Chinese/Chinoys, or their representatives and dummies alike.

There is an impending war and the battleground will be here because like I always say, the program is on, and it can be delayed but it can never be stopped at this time.

Like the leaked analysis several years back by the Pentagon think tank, the war between the US and China is unstoppable and unfortunately, due the stupidity of some of our leaders, our country will be balkanized by the two superpowers and even the local Chinoys here will serve as collateral damage.

So please wake up and help this country that made you rich and famous without so much effort by using ‘special connections’ in the process. When are you going to support the country that put you where you are today?

We have to be vigilant as I have been giving this warning several years now that there is a silent and asymmetric takeover by China and we will be caught unaware and soon will ask ourselves what hit us if we will not heed this warning.

Let us not wait for the fuse of war to be lighted, it is our beloved nation which is at stake here, wake up Pinoys and Chinoys!

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