Sunday, May 15, 2011

Global War on Terror, Levels Up

Global War on Terror, Levels Up
By Erick A. San Juan

If the death of Osama bin Laden has fooled the world into believing that we can all sleep soundly now, think again. "Zombie" bin Laden will continue to be the symbol of the continuing saga on the global war on terror (GWOT), dead or alive – he will remain the culprit.

The whole story, from the very start (right after September 11, 2001) is a script written to justify an outside enemy that will sow fear and terror in the process. Even after bin Laden’s so-called death, it was reported on the mainstream corporate media, here and around the world that al Qaida and its supporters will retaliate. So, this revenge and violence is somehow became a vicious cycle and remains the support system of GWOT.

Globalists propagandists have bombarded us with a daily dose of fear mongering this week through a prime time TV channel disguised as news report coming from the usual "propagandists", that jihadists like Zulkifli and other terrorists are now in the Philippines to sow terror. Even the Wall Street Journal leaked another report last week about the Al Qaeda's next "hellstorm" could be in Asia especially the Philippines. What amazes me is the timing of the arrival of USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier that became the hearse of Osama Bin Laden. Hope that this is not part of the laying the predicate. As this synthetic anti-terrorism myth (term coined by Webster Tarpley) continues, state-sponsored terrorists will remain in our midst. The fact that it is artificial, what it needs are lies and more lies to sustain its existence.

Although the question of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is something to consider – “How can Oceania continue if the declared enemy, Osama bin Laden, is dead. Big Brother must immediately invent another “enemy of the people.” And guess who could be the next possible “enemy of the people” according to Dr. Roberts? China.

In his article “China: The New Bin Laden, Orwell Wrote The Script”, he wrote – “Hillary (Clinton), of course, like the rest of the U.S. Government, is scared by the recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report that China will be the most powerful economy in five years.”

“The hubris and arrogance of US policymakers, and the lies that they inculcate in the American public, have exposed Washington to war with the most populous country on earth, a country that has a military alliance with Russia, which has sufficient nuclear weapons to wipe out all life on earth. The scared 'idiots' in Washington are desperate to set up China as the new Osama bin Laden, the figure of two minutes of hate every news hour, so that the World’s Only Superpower can take out the Chinese before they surpass the US as the Number One Power.” (Ibid)

Dr. Roberts strongly worded article makes us more cautious when it comes to our foreign policies particularly in dealing with our “friends”.

What is in store for the Philippines in the near future after the “official death of bin Laden” is very crucial if we will take heed of Dr. Roberts’ words. It is not farfetched that the next bin Laden could be China…. Or Iran? The point is – the globalist elite badly needs another outside enemy whether we like it or not.

With Japan still recovering from a triple disaster, our country is the next in line as Uncle Sam’s “loyal ally” in the region who will be the witting tool via the leadership of a perceived 'Amboy' to continue the open ended war on terror.

It is very clear in the New US Military Strategy issued in February 8 of this year - calling for the development of a force that is more focused on Asia, where the document says economic and military power are growing, and the strategic environment is changing quickly.

From the words of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen that he wrote in his “Chairman’s Corner” blog : “The US faces a broad range of challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, from the rise of India and China, to North Korea’s nuclear program, the shifting global economic balance and a fierce competition for natural resources.”

The strategy calls for improving global security by forging deeper military-to-military relationships and cooperation with China and other Asia-Pacific countries.

The senior officer said the US military had to “achieve our mission” in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also must look beyond those conflicts and “start recognizing that the strategic environment that’s elsewhere needs to be dealt with.” (Reuters)

With this new strategy by Washington, nations in this region should be on the lookout for another conflict that we never wanted.

Dilly dally approach on the review of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) by the Palace commission is another delaying tactic, translation – we are approaching the next level of the GWOT and a possible grim scenario is in the offing. Is the palace waiting for something that will justify the need for the retention of the VFA, hook, line and sinker? Just asking.

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