Monday, May 23, 2011

Laying the Predicate. . .

Laying the Predicate. . .
By Erick San Juan
In the midst of the so-called VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) review, the country is experiencing pressures in the guise of “friendly persuasion” from our long-time friends. In this tug-of-war scenario, we can’t do much as we are faced with the reality of a weak armed forces.
Even in the effort of modernizing the armed forces, Uncle Sam used this in the hope of building up the Filipinos’ trust and confidence towards "Big Brother". But in reality, we are the ones helping them by buying some decommissioned military junks that will “modernize” our AFP. What can we do? The 'dealers' inside the AFP has already enriched themselves through the years by the same fund that was supposed to modernize our armed forces.
This sad fate of our military has weakened the country’s stand on vital issues concerning our territory and opened all possibilities of being shortchanged in the process.
The much publicized purchased of the Hamilton-class cutter from the US Coast Guard and several other military equipments in the near future could mean something else from our neighbors especially on the issue of the contested area in the South China Sea. The fact is that all these modernization effort to secure our territory particularly in the Malampaya area, near the Spratlys, we should be sensitive enough not to invite trouble.
Translation – we cannot afford to be used as a pawn in a proxy war and be shortchanged at the same time just to please a “friend”. We never learned from our leaders in the past as they collaborated with the 'enemies' and has actually sold our sovereignty. People repeating history. . .
This administration has to be careful in handling controversial issues or else, we will all be dragged into a situation that we will all regret. Like the recent tour of President Noy Aquino and some of his cabinet men on board the USS Carl Vinson in the South China Sea, near the Philippine waters, it was against the standard procedures or protocol and was taken in a bad taste by most of us who knows the proper conduct in such a situation.
It is very clear that the confluence of events is leading towards something else and is actually adding more tension in the present undercurrents being experienced in the region.
The supposed “harassment” by Chinese patrol boats last March and the Chinese jet fighters that reportedly buzzed two Philippine Air Force (PAF) OV-10 Broncos on a routine reconnaissance patrol last week in the vicinity of the Kalayaan Island Group, part of the disputed Spratlys is like "laying the predicate" for a possible grim scenario.
Hopefully, the four-day visit of Gen. Liang Guanglie, China’s State Councilor and Minister of National Defense will iron out some misunderstandings and would really promote mutual trust and cooperation amid rising tensions over the Spratly Islands. But why the secrecy? Reportedly, no media was invited during the meeting.
As PNoy is doing a balancing act in the field of foreign relations, there is a brewing situation being orchestrated by a couple of cracky megalomaniac that is actually laying another predicate for a possible destabilization, if not checked. The information that we heard from the grapevine is that these people are planning another scenario that might create chaos. Knowing them, they can do it but people like us and other concerned individuals can always expose their sinister deeds so they won't be able to carry out such mischief.
We must be vigilant and watch out for these "bogus" anarchists in the guise of protecting democracy, they are actually the demo-

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