Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Greatest Lie Ever Told
By Erick San Juan
“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”
A quote from a Adolf Hitler which is very much applicable to the world’s greatest lie ever told - the death of Osama bin Laden and the resuscitation of the overstretched and overused global war on terror (GWOT).
GWOT has surpassed all other false flag operations in contemporary history, in length and in the scope of damage to humanity worldwide. Osama, its symbol was conveniently used time and again since the September 11 terror attack by its spin masters led by Uncle Sam’s chicken hawks and war mongers, backed by the coalition of the willing. Unfortunately, our country was one of the witting tool used in such propaganda under the Arroyo administration that has made her the coordinator for Asia in the GWOT.
As an observer of events unfolding in the global arena, I have written several articles already on Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda group and one of the significant ones I have included here that I mentioned (again) was in January 2008 :
"Strange as it may seem, Bhutto was murdered after she had an interview with David Frost of BBC which was never aired and viewed thru BBC international TV network but can be seen through, and exposed what has been common knowledge in Pakistan--- that Osama bin Laden had been dead for six long years.
There is a basis for suspicions that Bhutto's murder was the product of the confluence not only of events but also of interests, with the US militarists and the Pakistani fascists agreeing that her revelation about bin Laden's demise was a fatal mistake that must not be replicated. Only death would ensure that Bhutto would not repeat the mistake.
It was very clear that bin Laden died on December 13, 2001, with this excerpt from my August 2007 article :
If I may recall, President Bush, Jr. made a statement after the Tora Bora heavy bombing (many believed that bin Laden died in his mountain air conditioned safe house) at the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan wherein he made specific claims that America is safer as a result of his military action. To quote – “The World is changing for the better because of American Leadership. America is safer today because we are leading the world. Afghanistan was once the home of al Qaeda. Now terror camps are closed, democracy is rising and the American people are safer.” Even Pakistan and Afghan newspaper accounts of Osama's death were published on December 15,2001.
Since the May 2 announcement of bin Laden’s death by President Obama, a lot has been written by patriots around the world using the internet especially through social media networks like Facebook. Revisiting hundreds of videos online through posted by the different 9/11 truth seekers and movements around the world.
What concerns me most is how this new (overused) spin will affect us Filipinos in a time when interesting events are gradually unfolding. Us, Filipinos should be vigilant against the manufactured stories on the GWOT because in our midst are people especially from the corporate media who are witting tools to deceive and dumb down the populace.
It is very clear that important issues are on the table when it comes to our national security vis-à-vis our foreign policy that will be directly affected with this recent lie. Like the controversial Visiting Forces Agreement and the reported virtual US military bases in the south are matters that need to be addressed by the government or we will all be taken for a ride and suffered the consequences.
There is too much undercurrents going especially our relation with our Asian neighbors that had to be taken up with the expertise of a good geopolitical strategist that for me is still nowhere in sight. Sadly, after a year of this leadership, still as if nobody is minding the store.
One false decision through lack of transparency, this administration will surely lose its credibility and may lead to its downfall (the president should be vigilant) because the lives of every Filipino is at stake here and much more of our sovereignty.
There is still time to rethink our stand against this greatest lie in human history. We have to choose – are we going to rally behind the war mongers or we will make a firm stand against them?
Let us all be victors in this war against terror lies and be instruments of truth this time..

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